Which rooms have increased rake size in early 2023 and why?

Poker Rooms and Regulators: Rake Increases in 2023

In early 2023, three distinct poker sites increased their rake sizes. What are the reasons behind these decisions? What effect might they have on the player? All the details are on our blog.

During the first three months of 2023, two poker networks and the largest room cryptocurrency game increase rake .

We could not ignore such incidents and decided to analyze their characteristics, causes and possible consequences.

Chico Network

US Network has since taken a higher rate than its initial rate Industry average (5.5%).

As of March 1, 2023, the Chico Network skin has been raised to 6.25% across all limits, and the cap has been raised to the following numbers:

In return, the network has changed it’s bonus offering a lot, but it is based on recreational player interest :

  1. Bad Beat Jackpot 2.0 is launched, offering separate jackpots for all limits in Texas Hold’em and Classic PLO.
  2. The prize money for nearly all tournaments (approximately $100,000 per month) is drawn in lottery freerolls, where all players who finish at the top of the promotion get a ticket.


Cryptocurrency rooms are traditionally characterized by low rake loads. Coin has long had a 4% commission.

From March 20, 2023 the commission size on CoinPoker will be 5%.

The cap has been increased to the following number:

Unlike the US network, CoinPoker is doing this after the player gets a bigger bonus, and this time it’s mainly for the average player:


The world’s largest poker site has in recent years become the de facto monopoly of the high-stakes game. Here you’ll find just about every famous poker pro and many amateur traders, with limits starting at $25/$50.

From April 1, 2023, the rake cap has been doubled for all GGPoker skins on VIP tables!

Compared to the Winning network, for example, the upper limit becomes 16 times. As a result, high-stakes regulars even declared a boycott, many of whom switched to playing under the US Network skin.

The outcome of this confrontation is unclear, but we have learned to try to draw some conclusions about changes in online poker.

Looking for profit or balance?

It is well known that many online poker rooms have been working hard to create better gaming conditions for amateurs and worse conditions for amateurs unwilling to accept new conditions.

The most convenient way to maintain the poker ecology can be seen as increasing commissions. After all, casual players tend not to pay much attention to this component of poker. But at the cost of additional funds brought in by high commissions, it is possible to offer more attractive promotions.

Therefore, this trend is especially evident in early 2023 and can be considered a logical further development of modern online poker

Roma will continue to try to use rakes for such experiments , in order to achieve a new balance in the ever-changing global gaming industry and the economy as a whole.

Poker Rooms and Regulators: Rake Increases in 2023


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    This text discusses the increase in rake sizes on three poker sites and analyzes the reasons behind these decisions and their potential impact on players. The author suggests that increasing commissions can help maintain the poker ecology by attracting more casual players and funding more attractive promotions, but the outcome of this trend is unclear and ongoing experimentation is expected.

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