Two Segabinazis “shuffled” the cards, effectively colluding with the fighters

Poker World Editor-in-Chief Ytarõ Segabinazzi Thin...

ACR Reshuffle, ACR Poker’s new system for PLO4 and PLO5 cash game tables, has divided the community. Some players love it and others don’t. Ytarõ Segabinazzi, editor-in-chief of Mundo Poker, is on the “no” side. He expressed his views on Twitter and even attracted the attention of a big shot in the Brazilian poker community.

“To me, this is not poker, it is gambling, like any casino game. I remain unconvinced that it will be effective in deterring possible collusion cases,” he wrote. “How do you put the cards back into the deck?” Segabinazzi said: “It might improve security a little bit, but it’s far from a solution.”

He explained an example of how collusion might occur. “If a player has 44K9 and another player playing with him has 4456 for a double suit, they can discuss and decide that 4456 is better and the other suit is better, so there is no way the player in the hand will stay and win the flop. I Think.” Ultimately, there are ways to practice reaching an agreement.

The shuffling system deals cards to each player in turn. Each person only sees what they have after the previous player has made a decision. Whoever passes will replace the cards in the deck. Mateus Carrión from Zinhão asked why it was a gamble and Ytarõ responded as follows:

“Because there is a rule of poker that states that discarded cards do not return to the deck. Once you change this rule, you create a new type of any card that does not have Criteria Anyone can create a new kind of deck, and that’s the casino.”

Zinhão disagrees. “Where does this rule come from?” Things keep evolving, right? Why can’t this rule be changed? What if the only impact is reduced collusion? Would you stop making good decisions because “there’s a rule, discarded cards don’t go back into the deck”? This makes no sense. There are no disadvantages.

Ytarõ reiterated the central point of his vision: “I don’t think it will reduce collusion to such an extent that it would be worth ‘transforming to another game.'” Zinhão concluded by praising the work. “This is a great move for PLO and PLO5. Opinion, it doesn’t change the game at all. I thought it was great. The only shame is that it’s hard for (casual) players to understand that it doesn’t work. This It won’t change anything.”

So, what do you think?

Poker World Editor-in-Chief Ytarõ Segabinazzi Thin...

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  • Watson.muller

    It seems that the text discusses a new shuffling system in ACR Poker that has divided the poker community. Some players view it as gambling rather than poker and doubt its effectiveness in deterring collusion cases, while others see it as a positive move for PLO and PLO5. Overall, opinions vary on the impact and benefits of the new system.

  • The text presents a debate about ACR Poker’s new system for PLO4 and PLO5 cash game tables, with some players expressing concerns about the impact on the game and possible collusion. The editor-in-chief of Mundo Poker believes it is more like gambling than poker, while others argue that the rule can be changed and it won’t have significant disadvantages or change the game.

  • Enrique.wisoky

    The text presents a debate within the poker community over ACR Poker’s new reshuffle system for PLO4 and PLO5 tables. Some players, like Ytarõ Segabinazzi, argue that it turns poker into gambling and may not effectively prevent collusion, while others, like Mateus Carrión, see it as a positive move for the game. Ultimately, the impact of the reshuffle system on the poker community remains to be seen.

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