Simon “C.Darwin2” Matsson Wins WSOP Online 2022 Main Event


On the evening of September 27-28, 2022, the third place winner of the WSOP Online Series Main Event will be revealed. Swedish pro Simon “C.Darwin2” Matsson took first place in the biggest online event of the year, taking home a bracelet and $2,793,575. Scandinavian Strongest

The third global online format of the World Series of Poker is history. The tournament traditionally ends with a 33-bracelet Main Event. Main Event winner is European poker player again:

Swede Simon “C.Darwin2” Erik Matsson finished first in the WSOP Online 2022 Main Event for $2,793,575 in addition to his bracelet.

Although this year’s Main Event is far from the record numbers of two years ago, it is still more popular than a similar tournament in 2021: it has no stacked events, attracts 4,984 entrants, prize money For $23,674,000-dollar prize money.

Of the Russian-speaking players this time, the best player from Moldova – Pavel “EzzzGame” Pleshuv (18th, $104,959) – achieved the highest ascent.

We would like to remind you that this year’s WSOP Main Event in Vegas was won by another Scandinavian – Norwegian Espen Jorstad.

Final Table

In the top nine of the tournament, four players didn’t have much success, but the top two chip stacks came from well-known Scandinavian players. As a result, the final table players were eliminated as follows:

Timothy “BeardOilGuy” Rutherford (No. 9, $279,358). The Canadian got off to a short start and waited a long time for a good hand to double down, but eventually ran to 4BB with AQ singles and lost to Chinese player Zhao Feng’s KK.

Oliver “SprasesAces Spreason (8th, $372,530). The British representative opted for a similar strategy due to short stacks. His AK even hit preflop A King, but lost the pot when the TT player from Thailand got three sets on the same straight.

Jordan “Felix Argyle” Spurlin (No. 7) at $496,774). The US-based offline player, who immigrated to Canada during the series, lost heads-up with A7 to A9 in the blinds.

Yanfei “aoteman1888 ” Chi (6th place, $662,460). If one of the two Chinese at this table doesn’t first lose to his compatriot on an aggressive QQ-JJ flop, then Q9 against A7, give away the rest of his stack, he might do better.

Istvan “Wohoooooooooooooooooooooo” Brisky (5th, $883,404). Top 5 Hungarian Poker Players Thinking K8 over J was the right hand to deal with the early opening, “all-in” his 4BBs, but the Chinese player didn’t lose with pocket Aces.

Samuel “€urop€an” Woosden (p. 4th for $1,178,041). The famous Norwegian left the table on the very next hand. At this point he was down to 15BB in his second stack. The all-in pocket six was in All chance of winning was lost on the flop when his opponent hit a flush with AJ.

Feng “dynastyzhao” Zhu (No. 3, $1,570,945). The Chinese player doubled up in the top three, but first he lost the Swede’s pot against Riverte 3-betting, and then J9 against A3 gave him the final 5BB.


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  • This text provides an update on the WSOP Online Series Main Event, highlighting the victory of Swedish player Simon C.Darwin2 Matsson and the success of other Scandinavian players. It also mentions the performance of Russian-speaking player Pavel EzzzGame Pleshuv and the elimination of other players at the final table.

  • This text provides a summary of the WSOP Online Series Main Event in 2022, highlighting the victory of Swedish pro Simon C.Darwin2 Matsson and the participation of other players from different countries. Overall, it seems to provide factual information about the event and the players’ performances.

  • This text provides a detailed recount of the WSOP Online Series Main Event in 2022, highlighting the success of Swedish pro Simon C.Darwin2 Matsson as the winner. It also covers the final table and the elimination of various players from different countries, showcasing the international competition in the tournament.

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    The text provides a detailed account of the WSOP Online Series Main Event in 2022, highlighting the success of Scandinavian players and the final table results. It also mentions notable performances from players of various nationalities, showcasing the diversity of the competition.

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