One year after famous J4 hand, Adelstein continues to accuse Robbie of fraud

One year after famous J4 hand, Adelstein continues...

Last week, Garrett Adelstein posted a tweet reiterating his accusations that he was cheated in the famous J4o poker game that took place a year ago. The high-stakes pro hasn’t appeared at Hustler Casino Live since that day, clearly still angry about what happened and trying to silence me with weak complaints. These scammers had sex with the wrong people. This isn’t going away, I promise. Stay tuned,” Garrett said. Remember the Hand: A year after the crime, much has been said, but no concrete evidence has been found that anything unusual happened. It’s fair to say Says Robbie-Jade Lue gained more supporters than Adelstein did during this period, but Adelstein remained adamant and his tweets suggested there was more drama to come. From that day on Lu and Adelstein haven’t appeared on Hustler Casino Live since. Nick Vertucci, co-founder of Hustler Casino Live, didn’t seem too happy to hear more people cry over the story. He told Adelstein Delstein felt deeply insulted by his tweet. Vitucci no doubt believes the show did its best in the investigation and found no evidence of fraud. “Mom, he did it again…” As we said a year ago you said ” The evidence will come out” and if you do provide real evidence we will support you and the cause of justice 100%. We are here to help. Until then please stop blaming Hustler Casino Live and others and shut up . Robbie herself seemed to be taking a dig at Adelstein: “Happy birthday,” she said with an emoji. Judging from Garrett Adelstein’s comments, he’s not ready to let go yet. But after all this time, it’s still… Could anything be fishy?

One year after famous J4 hand, Adelstein continues...

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    The text discusses the ongoing accusations by Garrett Adelstein about being cheated in a poker game. While no concrete evidence has been found, Adelstein remains adamant and there seems to be more drama to come. The co-founder of Hustler Casino Live dismisses the accusations and suggests Adelstein should stop blaming others.

  • The text discusses Garrett Adelstein’s accusations of being cheated in a poker game and his ongoing anger towards the situation. Despite no concrete evidence of fraud being found, Adelstein remains adamant and tensions between him and others involved have escalated.

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