Lucas Rigos to take on Argentinian at HU to win LAPT Main Event and win R$720,000

Lucas Rigos to take on Argentinian at HU to win LA...

With less than 24 hours until another Americas Super Classic, Brazil and Argentina decide the winner of the final LAPT Main Event of 2023. The showdown between Luís Rigos from Paraná and Andrés Read from Argentina had everything a rivalry needs: ecstatic fans, excitement conclusion and green and yellow party. The 4Bet team sprinted to an unprecedented victory after overcoming a nearly 6-1 deficit. The winner received R$792,000 in one transaction, while the runner-up added R$648,000 to their balance.

Lucas entered the final day as the leader and had no problem confirming his presence in the decider. He was just a few big blinds shy of CL Kim de Sousa to regain the lead. The player from São José dos Pinhais has always had an excellent stack, with a stack of 13,450,000 at the 7-hand stage and a reading of 2,355,000.

In order to catch Lucas, the German had to overcome Yuri Rodrigues ‘ A ❖K❖ with a 9♠ 9 flip to retain the title. The two then killed several more opponents until they were tied.

Reed successfully reversed the situation, and just as he was heading towards victory, his reaction surprised Lucas. Since the two were effectively a draw, the heads-up decision was as follows:

The blinds were 300,000/600,000, BB ante, Read min-raise, then four bets pushed to 19,800.000 announced. Lucas decided to call with fewer chips and showed 6♠6♦. Read is controlled by A 10 ♠ and cannot be saved by 3 ♠ 8 ♣ 7 ♦ Q ♥ J ♥ cards. With only 2 BBS remaining, Read was given some breathing room on the next hand, but his reaction was short-lived. Another all-in preflop, he lost with A 8 ♦ against 10 6 ♠ when the dealer showed 6♣2♠9♠A♥5♦.

With a total of 771 entrants, the Main Event, held at the BSOP Millions Hall in São Paulo, topped the guaranteed prize pool of R$1.5 million, raising R$4,736,360.

1. Lucas Rigos (Brazil) R$ 792,000*

2. Andrés Reed (Argentina) BRL 648,000*

3. Kim de Sousa (Brazil) BRL 385,600

4. Naresh Trivied (Brazil) R$ 291,750

5. Yuri Rodriguez (Brazil) 231,150 BRL

6. Bruno Borges (Brazil) 174,770 reals

7. Kevin Augusto (Brazil) 125,520 reals

8. Oscar Alache (Chile) R$85,750

9. Zeca Gelaite (Brazil) R$ 67,750

*Price determined by heads-up

Lucas Rigos to take on Argentinian at HU to win LA...

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  • This text provides a summary of the final match of the LAPT Main Event of 2023 between Brazil and Argentina, highlighting the thrilling rivalry and the victory of the Brazilian player. It also mentions the prize pool and the rankings of the top players in the tournament.

  • Osbaldo.kuphal

    This text is providing a summary of the final of the LAPT Main Event in 2023 between Brazil and Argentina. It describes the thrilling match, the prize money received by the winner and runner-up, and the final rankings of the players.

  • Stephany.ondricka

    The text describes a thrilling poker tournament between players from Brazil and Argentina with a large cash prize for the winner. The competition was intense, with ups and downs for both players, ultimately resulting in Lucas Rigos from Brazil emerging as the champion and taking home a significant sum of money.

  • I think the text is describing a thrilling poker tournament between players from Brazil and Argentina, with a significant cash prize at stake. The intense competition and final showdown between the two players make for an exciting read.

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