Luca Romano bought a $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR for PS

Luca Romano wins $55 mini bounty in PokerStars Bra...

PokerStars action continues at a good pace with the regular tournaments offered on the site. The main highlight of this Tuesday’s session (05) was Luca Romano, who managed to get a high score.

In the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR, out of a total of 2,730 entrants, “lucaromanoo1” from the Samba Poker Team defeated Michel Antunes “michel” from the Insight Poker Team in heads-up play. -mica-” to become the grand champion. As a reward for the win, Luca Romano added $14,232 to his points tally, while the runner-up received $9,666. Read more: Kelvin Kerber takes silver spade to become second in EPT Barcelona

In traditional Bounty Builder US$ 33 competition , with 1,718 entrants, the Brazilian team put on a show, “drolator710” Alan Helfenstein, who was the overall winner of the event. His victory earned him$6,755.

Finally, Brazil became the owner of the “Mrpecoo” in the $109 Bounty Builder Contest, which saw 331 participants. Well Represented” account. The player won gold and received a championship bonus of $5,816.

Luca Romano wins $55 mini bounty in PokerStars Bra...


  • This text provides a summary of recent PokerStars tournaments, highlighting the successes of Brazilian players such as Luca Romano, Alan Helfenstein, and Mrpecoo. It showcases their winnings and accomplishments in various competitions, adding excitement to the poker community in Brazil.

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