Exclusive Interview with iPoker Network Manager Mikhail Bedulskis

Exclusive Interview with iPoker Network Tournament...

The iPoker Network has recently added a new Tournament and Promotions Manager to its team. You can read about how Mikhail Bedulskis hopes to improve the web in these areas in our interview.

Interviewer: Any updates to the rotation planned? Will SnG tournaments with no traffic be removed from the lobby?

MB: We are constantly monitoring the liquidity of games on the network. There are currently no plans to remove any existing SnGs.

There will certainly not be a Twister update this year, but I can assure players that we are paying close attention to the format and don’t deny the possibility

Interviewer: In 2020, iPoker CEO Jörg Nottebaum told us that he “doesn’t think investing in big tournament series will pay off. However, the network recently hosted a record-breaking €2.5 million guaranteed event. The Will the network take a new approach to tournament series in the next few years?

MB:The poker industry is constantly changing and the sentiment and There has been a noticeable shift in interest.

2021 will be a record year for our MTT event and we intend to accelerate its pace going forward.

Interviewer: Can you tell me when the next championship series is? Can we once again count on record-setting guarantees?

MB: The Bounty Hunter Series has just been announced, with a prize pool of €1,500,000, it will be the largest knockout series ever held on our network . This shows that we will increase investment in event festivals and strive to improve event festivals. It won’t be the last event of this scale this year.

Interviewer: The iPoker network has grown significantly over the past few years (in fact, we have grown). Pointing out that cash game traffic has doubled in the past two years). However, for tournament players, there are only low to mid BI events here. Will the site host high roller tournaments in the near future?

MB: We would love to see high limit players at our tables, but we are currently still in the process of building a tournament grid. Wide range of amateurs.

The introduction of high rollers will only be possible if the cheaper events achieve proper awareness.

Interviewer: How did the Sunday sale turn out?

MB: Generally satisfied with the action. The number of players participating in discounted fee tournaments has increased significantly. This climb was a good training session for our team. This is the first time we’ve paid so much attention to Sunday’s game.

In any case, we would love to offer our players more weekend promotions in the future.

Interviewer: Will the network introduce a new tournament format (MTT or SnG) in the future?

MB:We have a great development team working on several interesting projects, some of which may come to fruition later this year. We can’t share any details yet. Keep an eye out for news!

Exclusive Interview with iPoker Network Tournament...

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  • In this text, the iPoker Network discusses their plans and updates in terms of tournaments and promotions. The new Tournament and Promotions Manager aims to improve the web in these areas, including monitoring game liquidity, hosting record-breaking events, and potentially introducing new tournament formats. They also express interest in hosting high roller tournaments and offering more weekend promotions in the future.

  • This text highlights the recent additions and plans of the iPoker Network, including their focus on improving tournaments and promotions. They are committed to monitoring game liquidity and paying attention to player interest, with plans to host record-breaking events and potentially introduce new tournament formats in the future.

  • It seems that the iPoker Network is focused on improving their tournament offerings, with plans to increase investment in event festivals and potentially introduce new tournament formats. They are also paying close attention to player feedback and working on new projects to enhance the overall gaming experience.

  • The text provides insight into the strategic direction of the iPoker Network regarding tournaments and promotions, highlighting the addition of a new Tournament and Promotions Manager. The network seems focused on improving existing events and introducing new formats, with plans to increase investment in event festivals. Players can look forward to potential new tournament formats and high roller events in the future.

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