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Day 3 of the Main Event and the start of the Tradi...

The grand KSOP GGPoker South America has entered its final stages, but there will still be excitement around the series tables until the stages are over. With four days left and a few games on the schedule, Sunday is a very important one. Highlights include Day 3 of the Main Event and the start of the Traditional High Roller.

The Main Event returns with a smaller field for Day 3, bringing the qualifiers closer to the precious final stretch. The main event is the tournament airing this Sunday on MundoTV with the cards face up. Play is scheduled to resume at 3:00 p.m.

Later, at 5pm, another of the biggest matches is coming held. The traditional format High Roller debuts with a buy-in of R$10,000 and a massive guaranteed prize pool of R$3,000,000. The competition will last four days and will feature a star-studded lineup.

See all tournaments for the day:

Time Tournament Guaranteed Buy-in Blinds

14:00 GG Million – Day 1 R$1,000,000 R$1,000 25 mins 14:00 High Roller Satellite – R$1,000 10 mins 15:00 Main Event – ​​Day 3 R$11,000,000 – 75 mins 15:00 NLH KO 8 -Max Turbo R$ 100,000 R$ 600 15 mins 17:00 High Away – Day 1 R$ 3,000,000 R$ 10,000 R$ 10,000 60 minutes 18:00 GG Million – Day 1 R$ 1,000,000 R$ 1,000 25 minutes High Roller Satellite – R$ 1,000 10 minutes 19 :00 Daily Turbo R$ 50,000 R$ 500 15 min 19:00 Main Event Lightweight – Day 1 R$ 700,000 R$ 2,500 30 min 22:00 GG Million – 1F (Super) R$ 1,000,000 R$ 1,000 10 minutes 22:00 Kings Turbo R$ 100,000 R$ 1,000 15 minutes

Day 3 of the Main Event and the start of the Tradi...

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  • Stephany.ratke

    The text provides information on the final stages of the grand KSOP GGPoker South America tournament, highlighting the Main Event and Traditional High Roller matches. The schedule for the remaining days includes a variety of tournaments with impressive guaranteed prize pools, making Sunday a key day for poker enthusiasts.

  • It sounds like the KSOP GGPoker South America tournament series is in its final stages, with exciting games and big prizes up for grabs. The lineup of tournaments for Sunday looks intense and varied, catering to different buy-ins and preferences for players.

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