BSOP Millions: Matías Scaffo Completes Main Event

Matías Scaffo pulls off a beautiful heads-up remat...

Six days, 3,220 registrants and lots of poker. It’s the 2023 BSOP Millions Main Event, which is back in the hands of a foreign player after five seasons. On Wednesday (29th), Uruguayan Matías Scaffo wrote his name in the history of the Brazilian Championship and became a millionaire with his podium finish.

Known as “dalemati24” on the PokerStars table and “Pibeschorros” on GGPoker, the Uruguayan player showed great poker skills and overcame a long marathon to reach the final The goal. The reward is up to 1,320,000 R$ from a heads-up deal with Brazilian Everton Lucio.

This player had an exciting one-on-one match against Brazil. Flow Poker Team Schleifer, with the chip lead at the start of the decider. Everton Lucio of Jundiaí-SP deserves all the praise for his performance in the tournament, which earned him a million dollar prize of R$1,080,000

. “The truth is” it was tiring for many days in a row and I’m glad he had an off day to achieve glory. I’m very focused and there’s nothing better than having fun with friends. I’m happy to be “playing here,” the champion said.

The break he mentioned occurred on Tuesday, when the nine finalists were able to rest. Mathias used this time well and was well prepared for this big decision. Knowing the capabilities of the opponent in front of him, he used his experience to get a good price jump:

“Yes, in this regard, I took the opportunity to study the opponent and came to the chip stack” I know the chip leader ( Everton) are very aggressive. I played with him for a long time. I had to wait a long time to avoid the stress and confrontation with him. I put pressure on the middle stack and everything went smoothly. “With incredible hands, the knockout happened very quickly and soon we were in the trophy room,” he explained.

The new ‘millionaire’ is already thinking taking the next step and hoping to capture this special moment with his victory. in this great game. Matías will compete in the Enjoy Poker Tour Millionaires Final next week in Punta del Este and has been confirmed for the KSOP GGPoker South America in January 2024.

Final Table:

Wednesday saw players return to the final set in search of victory, and as mentioned, Everton Lucio is the chip leader By. Decision making game. He got off to a great start, eliminating Iago Leonelli in a wild QQ vs KK fiasco, further boosting the streamer’s stack.

The elimination order includes No. 8 Marcelo Medeiros. Carioca couldn’t resist and lost the last two big blinds to Danilo Rony, A4 against 82 on 57783. Then Gerardo Rodriguez, “g3r4rd0x”, went all-in preflop with AK against Everton’s Lucio’s KK board TQ28K, finishing seventh.

Everton were unstoppable, while Scarfo barely held on to their chips. Flow Grinder eliminated ace Alisson Piekazewicz “heyalisson” in 6th place in AT vs QJ on the K4858 board. Matias made his debut, defeating Danilo Rony with K2 vs. K8 at 429AQ.

The game got tighter from that point on and the 4-man match took a long time. However, the pressure from Everton was too much, and Rafael Guedes ran out of chips and was forced to go all-in on J6. The problem was that Leandro Prinz woke up with 99 in the big blind and eliminated his opponent in fourth place. Scarfo and Everton then entered a decisive one-on-one.


Matthias and Everton started the final one-on-one in different positions. The Brazilian had 124 big blinds to the Uruguayan’s 35 and began to build a 6-1 lead in the stack. However, Mathias’ reaction began with a QJ all-in preflop against Everton 88.

When the card read 47A3, with knife and cheese in hand, it was all the Brazilian could do to avoid the river. Despite the large crowd, it was Uruguay who screamed the loudest when a Queen appeared in the middle of the table, and Scarfo faced defeat

It wasn’t long before Matias finally took the lead when he flopped Won a huge pot with a flush against Everton’s top pair. From that point on, the Uruguayan never looked back and controlled the match throughout the heads-up contest.

The Uruguayan was excited, calling with T8 and hearing his fans screaming for his hand. One of them came on the K86 flop, getting closer to the title. Excitingly, however, Turn 7 saw the Brazilian out twice. However, it turned out that Scaffo was the big winner after the river card 4 came on the table and walked towards the rabid Uruguayan fans who were chanting “Dale Campeón, Dale Campeón!”.

Look at the prize pool:

1. Place – Matías Scaffo – R$1,320,000*

Second place. Venue – Everton Lucio – R$1,080,000*

Third Place. Place – Leandro Prinz – R $570,000

Fourth place. Place – Rafael Guedes – R$450,000

5. Place – Danilo Rony – R$380,000

Sixth place. Place – Alisson Piekazewicz – R$305,000

Matías Scaffo pulls off a beautiful heads-up remat...

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  • This text is a summary of the 2023 BSOP Millions Main Event, where Uruguayan player Matías Scaffo won the championship and became a millionaire. The text provides information about the tournament, the final table, and the one-on-one match between Matías and Brazilian player Everton Lucio. It highlights Matías’ poker skills and how he strategically played against his opponents. The text also mentions Matías’ plans for future tournaments. Overall, the text provides a detailed account of the tournament and the journey of the champion.

  • The text provides a detailed account of the 2023 BSOP Millions Main Event, highlighting the triumph of Uruguayan player Matías Scaffo and his victory in a heads-up deal with Brazilian player Everton Lucio. It describes the tournament, the finalists, and the progress of the game, emphasizing Matías’ skill and strategy in overcoming challenges and ultimately becoming the champion.

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  • This text provides a detailed overview of the 2023 BSOP Millions Main Event, highlighting the victory of Uruguayan player Matías Scaffo. It discusses the intense competition, the strategies employed by the players, and the final showdown between Matías and Brazilian player Everton Lucio. The text also mentions the upcoming tournaments that Matías will be participating in, showcasing his dedication to the game. Overall, it is a well-written and engaging recap of the event.

  • This text provides a detailed and exciting overview of the 2023 BSOP Millions Main Event, highlighting the journey of Uruguayan player Matías Scaffo to victory. It captures the intensity and strategy involved in high-stakes poker tournaments and showcases the skill and perseverance required to succeed in the game. The narrative builds suspense as it describes the final table action and the dramatic one-on-one match between Matías and Brazilian player Everton Lucio. Overall, it is a well-written and engaging piece that conveys the excitement and thrill of competitive poker tournaments.

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