$7,165,000 Venom PKO Tournament Won by ’10of10′ from Germany

10of10 player from Germany wins $5M GTD in The Ven...

The Venom PKO $5M GTD 6 concludes on the evening of May 3-4, 2023 with a prize pool of $7,165,000. For the first time at the final table there was a top three deal and the winner was “10of10” from Germany for $718,062.

Nearly hit Record

The largest PKO tournament in online poker worldwide is once again held every two years by the Winning Network Spring’s popularity is growing.

The sixth Venom PKO $5 million GTD attracted 2,866 entrants and $7,165,000 in prize money, just $15,000 shy of last year’s record.

Interestingly, several players who previously won The Venom branded events or reached the final table were able to make deep passes in the tournament this time around:

Final Table

The most striking feature of the top 8 One of the highlights of the competition is the complete absence of US citizens and Brazilians. For all inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere, the Canadians have “fighted back”. (New Zealand). Shorty lost a coin to the JJ-AKs after waiting nearly 20 minutes for a good hand to double down.

  • Bohdan “makemeavision” Zubko – $119,597 (Ukraine). Unlike the New Zealander, he increased his stack early in the tournament, but after the break he folded with a TT flush after having already re-raised 13BB, and was left with 1.9 after using BB. 88-A8 in a battle between Barton and the small blind. Despite raising to 10BB, the Ukrainian couldn’t get past seventh, losing again to pocket jacks: QQ-A9.
  • “Berodualn” – $136,038 (Austria). The “peaceful” Austrian had the smallest prize money at the final table, starting with the second pile (125BB), and “sat” quietly at the table for nearly two hours. With 30BBs left, he unsuccessfully bluffed two-thirds of his stack before beating 99 with KQs.
  • “SirCashal0t” – $199,783 (Albania) The top 5 Balkan player decided to play 88 against the chip leader’s password, but after calling, he saw Pocket Ds.
  • “jailbait19” – $247,162 (Canada). The sole representative from North America was flush with the chip leader with 99 in the blinds, but again he had the stronger pair (KK).
  • 10of10 player from Germany wins $5M GTD in The Ven...


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      This text provides an overview of the Venom PKO $5M GTD 6 tournament, highlighting the record-breaking prize pool and the top three deal at the final table. It also mentions the absence of US citizens and Brazilians, with Canadians making a strong showing. Overall, it gives a comprehensive summary of the tournament’s key moments and participants.

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