2023 WSOP Top Aces

2023 WSOP Top Aces

In the old days of high-stakes gaming at various online and live poker rooms, players would soon be all-in with a pair of aces. The best starting hands in NLH today are more conservative. Well, these are different times and GTO seems to be in the driver’s seat, but there is still some grit and confidence that comes from pushing all-in pre-flop with aces.

This does not mean that the best opening hands always have a happy ending, rather, on this occasion we offer a compilation of one of the worst things that could happen to a player One: Cracked A.

A, one of the most painful cards to lose.

Who doesn’t know that? hurt? Surely most of you reading this have suffered from this tragedy. But just as much as we don’t like it, we like to see it happen to other players.

The probability of holding a pair of aces is 2.1%, and the probability that you like the following collection is 99% We see outstanding people Feel the pain of failure at the famous American Airlines.

2023 WSOP Top Aces


  • This text discusses how the strategy in high-stakes poker has evolved over time, with players now being more conservative in their approach. However, there is still a fascination in seeing someone else’s aces get cracked, despite knowing the pain it brings. The text also mentions the low probability of getting a pair of aces and highlights the audience’s interest in seeing the failure of those holding “American Airlines.”

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