Triton Poker co-founder wins short deck tournament

Triton Poker co-founder wins short deck tournament

Triton Poker’s Short Deck event attracted 38 participants and a prize pool of $950,000. Just under a million dollars, but that didn’t stop Richard Yong. The series co-founder not only competed in the event, he became a champion.

“I know everyone loves the Triton Championship Series because we are all so friendly and like family. That’s what I would do. “If Triton becomes the best championship series in the world, I will It’s a pleasure,” said Yong.

This is the Malaysian’s second Triton win in history. He can confidently be described as a regular in short deck – his favorite event. 15th Participants at the final table of this event included strong players such as Mike Watson, Nikita Bodiakovsky, Stephen Chidwick and Chris Brewer.

Chris was the last one to try to resist Richard. Gradually, everyone Some of the chips were transferred to Yong’s stack until he had a 10 to 1 chip advantage. Brewer had pocket jacks, which seemed like a good starting hand to double down on. The American went all-in, and Richard Called with A-7. An A came on the flop and Brewer did not wait for a J on the turn or river. At this point, the Short Deck event is over.

Triton Poker co-founder wins short deck tournament

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  • This text provides an overview of the Triton Poker Short Deck event, highlighting Richard Yong as the champion and mentioning other notable players at the final table. It describes the decisive hand where Yong defeated Chris Brewer and concludes by stating that the event has concluded.

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    The text provides information about the Triton Pokers Short Deck event, where Richard Yong emerged as the winner. It mentions the participation of notable players and describes the final match between Yong and Chris Brewer, resulting in Yong’s victory.

  • This text highlights Richard Yong’s impressive win at the Triton Poker Short Deck event, where he overcame strong competition to emerge victorious. The event attracted 38 participants and had a substantial prize pool of $950,000, showcasing the growing popularity and competitiveness of the Triton Championship Series.

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