Ramon Kropmann’s fan FT is not a mystery bounty at EPT Barcelona

Ramon Kropmann's fan FT is not a mystery bounty at...

It didn’t take long for the Brazilian to find himself in trouble at EPT Barcelona. Ramon Kropmann made the final table of the festival’s first high roller event, the €10,200 Mystery Bounty. He was eliminated in seventh place and was awarded €18,100. These bounties boosted his bankroll by an additional €72,500.

On the final day, Ramon was the only Brazilian to knock out some opponents, including Toma Tsugunari, in the ITM bubble. According to PokerNews, the Japanese player pushed his eight BBs into the middle of the table after his opponent doubled down. Ramon was the only one who called and revealed A♥K. Toma dominated with 10♥3♥ and couldn’t find any outs on the A♣5♥7♣8♠10♣ board.

Shortly thereafter, Ramon blew it up with the help of the deck. FT bubble. With A 4 in hand, he called veteran Keith Lehr’s A-8 all-in. The Q 5♠J♣2♥3♠ board was cruel to the American, and he fell by the wayside.

At 40 BBS, Ramon was well behind Israeli pro CL Tom Orpaz, who advanced to the tiebreaker with 129 BBS, and runner-up Conor Beresford ( 53 BBS). The Israeli picked up two more bounties soon after knocking out short stacks Martin Zamani and Ouassini Mansouri.

Orpaz’s next victim is Ramon. In the farewell, the Brazilian defended his big hand and announced a 3-bet all-in for 16 BBS. In action again, Orpaz called and showed A 5♠. With K♣J♣, Ramon cannot be saved by the board 8♠A♣8♣10♥3♦.

Ramon Kropmann's fan FT is not a mystery bounty at...

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  • Sandrine.crist

    The text describes the performance of Brazilian poker player Ramon Kropmann at the EPT Barcelona tournament. He made it to the final table and secured a seventh-place finish, earning €18,100 and additional bounties. However, he was eventually eliminated by Israeli player CL Tom Orpaz.

  • The text provides a summary of a Brazilian poker player’s performance at the EPT Barcelona tournament, highlighting his success and elimination in various hands. It also mentions the success of an Israeli player in eliminating opponents and ultimately eliminating the Brazilian player as well.

  • The text describes Ramon Kropmann’s performance at the EPT Barcelona, where he made the final table of the high roller event and earned €18,100. He had some impressive plays, but ultimately was eliminated by Israeli pro CL Tom Orpaz.

  • Tromp.durward

    This text describes the journey of Brazilian poker player Ramon Kropmann at the EPT Barcelona high roller event, where he made it to the final table and cashed out with €18,100 plus additional bounties. Despite some successful eliminations, he ultimately fell to Israeli pro CL Tom Orpaz in a dramatic final showdown.

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