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Another chance for Sheinberg: Poker Hall of Fame v...

No conspiracy during the WSOP. It’s not just about who will be the new champion, but who will be inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. Since 2020, despite protests from players, organizers have decided to add one more poker figure each year, even though that right has been granted to two poker figures for decades. So, getting inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame just got a lot harder.

Applicants must meet several criteria: play big names, contribute to the industry, stand the “test of time” and be over 40 years old.

Voting has begun and will continue until June 18. Anyone can make a suggestion on the WSOP website. From the top 10 nominees, one of the 32 current Poker Hall of Fame members will be selected.

The favorites are the same this year: Josh Arieh, Bertrand Grospellier, Mike Matusow, Norman Chad, Michael Mizrahi, Brian Rast, Matt Savage and Isai Sheinberg are the top odds.

Former PokerStars owner Isai Sheinberg deserves special mention. A few years ago, he returned to the United States and struck a deal that allowed him to stay legally in the country and have a chance at the prestigious nomination. It wasn’t just players who nominated Isaiah – Daniel Negreanu was an active advocate for him and believes he played a particularly important role in the rise of online poker.

Sheinberg may be honored in 2022, but the title was awarded posthumously to Ryan Flack, who died the previous year. As such, Sheinberg has a good chance of being inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame at the 2023 WSOP.

It is worth noting that of this year’s new nominees, only one potential challenger has emerged – Steve O’Dwyer, No. 12 on the all-time money list. Steve’s chances are slim as he’s only been in expensive games recently.

But in a few years, Hall of Famers will be in trouble: many legends, such as Tom Dewan, Scott Seaver, Justin Bonomo, Jason Mercier Jason Koon All will be in their 40s, and each will have a place in the poker hall of fame.

Another chance for Sheinberg: Poker Hall of Fame v...

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  • This text discusses the changes in the selection process for the Poker Hall of Fame, which now includes adding one more poker figure each year. It also mentions some potential nominees for this year and speculates on future inductees.

  • This text discusses the changes in the process of selecting inductees into the Poker Hall of Fame during the WSOP, and mentions potential candidates and favorites for this year. It also speculates on the future inclusion of other poker legends as they reach the eligibility criteria of being over 40.

  • I think the text highlights the competitive nature of getting inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame during the WSOP. It mentions the criteria for selection and the frontrunners for this year’s potential nominees. It also discusses the future challenges for Hall of Famers, as many notable poker players will soon be eligible for induction.

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