MPS 007 Series for Mobile Poker Club

MPS 007: Mobile Poker Club's New 'Secret Series'

Mobile Poker Club Introduced the traditional MPS series, which had the “secret” name 007. The festival will run from June 7th to June 21st with a total guarantee of $11,000.

As always, a lot of fun awaits the players: tournaments in various formats, rankings of the most active knockouts and of course free tickets to absolutely all MPS 007 events.

The series includes events in all popular disciplines: No Limit Hold’em, Omaha and Chinese Poker. The variety of formats is also impressive: anonymous tournaments (no nicknames for opponents), accelerated tournaments, progressive knockouts and the ever-popular mystery bounties.

Throughout the program, five events are played simultaneously in a multi-day format: 4 over two days and the Main Event with a $2,500 prize pool over three days. Players can enter and re-enter any day during the first day until after-the-fact registration is complete.

MPS Ladder

The MPS 007 tournament series features a traditional ladder, with the top 20 players sharing an additional $500 prize pool. Points are awarded for each eliminated opponent, regardless of whether the match is single-day or multi-day (eliminations from all start days count). It doesn’t matter if you re-enter. If the contestant reports again, he will still be awarded points for his “head” in the table. Once the series is complete, you will be rewarded.

Mission Tickets

All holiday tournaments have simple missions that can be found in the mobile poker club client lobby. 1 mission – 1 ticket. The task will be posted 24 hours before the registration for the target event begins. For multi-day matches, 1 mission will be given per day. In multi-day tournaments, players can receive more than one ticket. If a participant is already eligible and proceeds to the next day, the registration will be canceled and the participant will receive a cash refund or participate in a similar event.

MPS 007: Mobile Poker Club's New 'Secret Series'


  • This text is promoting the MPS series of poker tournaments hosted by Mobile Poker Club. The series includes various formats and disciplines, offers additional prizes and rewards for top players, and provides missions for players to earn tickets to specific events.

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