Jason Mercier Wins WSOP Bracelet

Jason Mercier continues his triumph with his sixth...

The World Series of Poker has completed another 2-7 single draw event with a $1,500 buy-in. The winner was American Jason Mercier, who finally seemed to be back in the big poker world.

Jason broke into the high-stakes world in 2008 and amassed millions of dollars in a short period of time. Bonuses and five WSOP bracelet times, as well as being a PokerStars ambassador. After 2017, the poker pro began to reduce his presence at the tables and then stop playing poker entirely – Jason decided to spend more time with his family and children.

But in 2022, Mercier has decided to step into the world of poker and return to poker for adults. The big wins are coming soon: first place in a 10-event tournament for $25,000, a $50,000 final table prize, and dozens more to come.

In 2023, Jason decides to return to the World Series of Poker once again with another win – his sixth gold bracelet in the mixed event. The event attracted 548 entrants with a prize pool of $731,580. Jason finished first for $151,276 – and that’s not even the biggest win of his professional poker career.

This player defeated Mike Watson heads-up, which was interesting – both opponents scored four points each. For three consecutive games, all victories went to Jason. Watson finished third twice and second twice.

“In 2016, we played heads-up in a 2-7 single-draw tournament with a buy-in of $10,000. So it was definitely a deja vu.” You know, when I started When picking the game, I was a little scared that he was finally going to catch up to me. Jason said.

Mercier noticed this too, and despite the longer breaks, he didn’t follow trends in the field and learn new strategies. The American poker pro honed his skills while playing at the tables:

“I’m not really a learner. I just gain experience by playing more hands. It’s like riding a Bikes, you know.” “I just got on the bike,” Jason reported.

Jason Mercier continues his triumph with his sixth...


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    The text highlights Jason Mercier’s return to the world of professional poker after taking a break to spend time with his family. It mentions his impressive wins and his ability to maintain his skills by gaining experience at the tables rather than actively learning strategies.

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