Jason Kuhn Wins His Ninth Triton Poker Trophy

The Triton Poker Series has come to a close in London – all 17 cups have been crowned champions. The latter was once again won by the unstoppable Jason Kuhn. The American won the $60,000 Short Deck Main Event, his ninth title. He’s the overall winner of the series – and his closest opponent has a certain win too.

The championship did not attract many shortboard enthusiasts – 46 entrants (including 19 re-entrants) – and the total prize money was 2,760.000$. There are only 8 players in the ITM area. Unsurprisingly, most Asian fans are among them. However, Jason didn’t give them a chance.

In the heads-up game, he faced Kiat Lee. Both stacks were pretty deep: Kuhn’s ante was 197 and Lee’s was 148. Jason took down pot after pot, and on the final hand he hit a straight on the turn to beat his opponent’s top pair.

At the end of the match, Kuhn praised his opponent as one of the best players he has ever played. used to compete with it. Jason sums up his wins:

“For three or four years, I’ve been involved in some of the biggest short deck giveaways in the world. I won four short decks, which can’t be considered lucky.” Deck Champion .

In fact, four of his nine titles have been won with short decks. Combined with the most recent Cup event, he has pocketed $828,000, while his trip to London Very lucrative.

He has five ITM victories in the series: $1,570,000 and $828,000 for two victories, $39,000 and $342,000 for two victories and $582,000 for three Dipranas .In just two weeks, he won $3,361,000.

The all-time money list has also changed during this time. Stephen Chidwick won no races, but moved up Going to third, Daniel Negreanu moved up to fourth. Kuhn was fifth with $50,391,000. He had just over $700,000 left to replenish his bankroll and take KidPoker to fifth .

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  • This text provides an overview of the Triton Poker Series in London, highlighting Jason Kuhn as the dominant winner and mentioning the prize money and number of participants. It also mentions changes in the all-time money list. Overall, it seems to convey a positive impression of Kuhn’s performance and success in the tournament.

  • This text provides an overview of the Triton Poker Series in London, highlighting Jason Kuhn as the dominant winner with his ninth title. It also mentions the low number of participants and the prize money, as well as the impact on the all-time money list with Stephen Chidwick moving up to third and Daniel Negreanu to fourth.

  • This text discusses the Triton Poker Series in London, highlighting Jason Kuhn’s impressive performance and multiple wins in short deck events. Kuhn’s domination in the series earned him a significant amount of prize money and a higher ranking in the all-time money list, surpassing Stephen Chidwick and Daniel Negreanu.

  • The text highlights Jason Kuhn’s dominant performance at the Triton Poker Series in London, where he won his ninth title and solidified his position as the overall winner of the series. His impressive winnings of $828,000 in just two weeks also helped him climb to fifth on the all-time money list in poker.

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