Jack Poker’s CrackerJack Tournament Series

Jack Poker's first tournament series

Jack Poker announces the room’s first tournament series, called CrackerJack. The contest will run from August 14-27 and has a total prize pool of $500,000.

Absolutely anyone can add their name to the list of Premiere Festival winners! Buy-ins start at $5 and go all the way up to $100, so there’s going to be a lot of activity.

Like other tournament series, CrackerJack will have its own Main Event, which will take 10% of the total amount taken. The Main Event traditionally takes place near the end of the festival (August 27th) with a $50 buy-in and $50,000 prize pool.

For some players, $50 can be a large part of the budget. That’s why Jack Poker offers to get tickets almost for free by completing one of two simple tasks: Leaderboard Cap and Elimination.

The gist is simple: every CrackerJack tournament has a regular “leaderboard”. Promotional “cap”. However, unlike the classic version, players can earn tickets to the main event.

Knockouts work in a similar way. Whoever knocks out the most players in a festival tournament will get a ticket.

Given the breadth of the show, room managers plan to give away some tickets and host a major tournament to debut the series. All events can be found under “Tournaments” in the poker lobby.

Summer Quest Continues

Jack Poker Quest has received positive feedback from players, so the promotion is being extended. As usual, players will find 29 missions divided into three categories: Tournament, Cash Games and Casino, each divided into three difficulty levels.

If you complete all Jack Summer tasks, participants will receive up to $20,000 in value. It will not be distributed among all participants. This amount is available to any poker player for completing tasks.

Jack Poker's first tournament series


  • This text is an announcement about Jack Poker’s upcoming tournament series called CrackerJack. It provides details about the tournament dates, prize pool, buy-ins, and how players can earn tickets to the main event. Additionally, it mentions the extension of the Jack Poker Quest promotion, where players can complete tasks to earn up to $20,000.

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