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How HCL Bonuses Became a Source of Controversy amo...

Hustler Casino Live is once again the provider of great content. A hand there last week not only became one of the most watched in poker, but also sparked a feud between Negreanu and Matusow.

The price of the hand is $400/. The wager between Daniel Cates and Mariano Grandoli is $800. Dan opened with a $3,600 raise and Mariano three-bet in the bet for $8,500.

Dan check-called on all subsequent streets. Mariano bet $13,000 on the flop and called. Bet the turn and Mariano still leads. So he bet $40,000 and got called by the Jungleman.

The river brought Cates a flush, but he checked a third time, hoping to set a trap. Seconds later, it happened – Mariano bet $85,000 and Dan instacalled, bringing the pot to $295,000.

After the broadcast, the community split into two camps. Some agreed with Mariano’s play, claiming he had a blocker on the natural flush, while others felt it was an overly subtle addition.

The decisive battle was between Mike Matuso and Daniel Negrianu.

“How can he bet the river? On this river he only hits! I don’t usually pay attention to the outcome unless he turns his ace into a bluff. This is a Bad bet!” – Mike writes.

Negreanu disagrees with him. According to KidPoker, he beat , , , , , , and .

“If he does nothing and Jungle folds most of his hands, then it’s just a bad bet,” Negreanu parried.

The battle continued and Negreanu made a bet to Matusow that Aces would not check-raise the river on such a board. Negreanu didn’t just want to give his opinion, but wanted to interview five poker pros: Jason Kuhn, Andrew Lichtenberger, Doug Polk, FindingEQ, and Daniel Cates himself.

So far, their debate has not extended beyond social media. But it’s entirely possible that this giveaway could be the subject of a more serious matchup between the pros.

How HCL Bonuses Became a Source of Controversy amo...


  • The text discusses a poker hand that took place at Hustler Casino Live, which sparked a feud between Negreanu and Matusow. They have differing opinions on whether the river bet was a good decision. The debate could potentially lead to a more serious matchup between poker professionals.

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