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Jack Poker Bonuses and Promotions

Although summer is the “least profitable” time of year for online poker, there’s more to Jack Poker’s activity. All current promotions will be extended until at least the end of summer, which means players will have the opportunity to top up their balances.

New users without an account are best: you can claim a powerful deposit bonus of up to $3,000, welcome missions worth $600, and extra rebates of up to 25%.

After claiming all the starting bonuses, there are other promotions you can take part in:

  • The Jack Bonanza collection will run through late summer and will likely be available at Fall continues. These are special low-cost tournaments with buy-ins starting at $1 and guarantees as high as $20,000. Tournaments are held daily, with prize pools increasing on weekends. They usually end with an overlay.
  • Two weeks left to take advantage of the daily freerolls. As always, some are open to all players, while others are rake only. This shortens the range and increases your chances of winning the jackpot.

Jack Poker continues to offer promotions that have been going on since day one. This is the Monte Carlo jackpot, and you can win up to 100 big blinds on all limit cash tables. Leaderboard Cap is a fun promotion that gives you the chance to get tickets to the next similar event. For those who like to “spin”, there are high-multiplier jack spins: in tournaments, the prize money is about $1 – up to $10,000, and the buy-in is $20 – up to $1,000,000!

Additionally, for every depositing player (including first place) can participate in a unique freeroll in the form of an all-in war. Here you can win multiples of your deposit.

Some of the above promotions may end within a few weeks. So you don’t have to waste time and miss out on welcome bonuses, freerolls and daily tournament bets.

Jason Kuhn Wins His Ninth Triton Poker Trophy

The Triton Poker Series has come to a close in London – all 17 cups have been crowned champions. The latter was once again won by the unstoppable Jason Kuhn. The American won the $60,000 Short Deck Main Event, his ninth title. He’s the overall winner of the series – and his closest opponent has a certain win too.

The championship did not attract many shortboard enthusiasts – 46 entrants (including 19 re-entrants) – and the total prize money was 2,760.000$. There are only 8 players in the ITM area. Unsurprisingly, most Asian fans are among them. However, Jason didn’t give them a chance.

In the heads-up game, he faced Kiat Lee. Both stacks were pretty deep: Kuhn’s ante was 197 and Lee’s was 148. Jason took down pot after pot, and on the final hand he hit a straight on the turn to beat his opponent’s top pair.

At the end of the match, Kuhn praised his opponent as one of the best players he has ever played. used to compete with it. Jason sums up his wins:

“For three or four years, I’ve been involved in some of the biggest short deck giveaways in the world. I won four short decks, which can’t be considered lucky.” Deck Champion .

In fact, four of his nine titles have been won with short decks. Combined with the most recent Cup event, he has pocketed $828,000, while his trip to London Very lucrative.

He has five ITM victories in the series: $1,570,000 and $828,000 for two victories, $39,000 and $342,000 for two victories and $582,000 for three Dipranas .In just two weeks, he won $3,361,000.

The all-time money list has also changed during this time. Stephen Chidwick won no races, but moved up Going to third, Daniel Negreanu moved up to fourth. Kuhn was fifth with $50,391,000. He had just over $700,000 left to replenish his bankroll and take KidPoker to fifth .

Daniel Weinman Becomes WSOP Champion in 2023

Daniel Weinman – WSOP 2023 Main Event Champion

The biggest intrigue of the summer has been solved – the main event of the World Series of Poker has come to an end. This year’s event broke records in every way: attendance (total and Main Event), bracelet distribution and prize money.

Tonight, three Americans face off in the final battle for the title. The fight didn’t last that long – it took just over three hours to decide the winner.

Adam Walton provided most of the speed. After a few hours or so, he reached 84 big blinds thanks to a tight squeeze from Weinman. However, the future champion didn’t think twice, he fake-called easily and the board ranked Walton in third place for $4,000,000.

With a two-man lead, Wenman left. His opponent didn’t get a chance to double up, and about 20 minutes later, the decisive hand was played. Stephen Jones moved all-in on the flop, and after a moment of deliberation, Weinman called and opened.

Jones was saved by just two outs, but he lost his chances on the turn and river. Daniel Weinman becomes the 2023 WSOP Main Event Champion for a record $12,100,000.

Weinman is no stranger to the poker world. He’s won millions of dollars, a gold bracelet (now two), and he’s been friends with Josh Aryeh and other famous players for years.

“Every year before this, I’d go from the first event here to the last. When the main event came, I was exhausted. I’ve told a lot of people I don’t like this A tournament,” commented Daniel.

The Main Event plot has been resolved and there are still some bracelet tournaments left on the WSOP schedule. However, the 2023 World Series of Poker story doesn’t end there – the organizers have a huge surprise in store for all poker fans out there.

Jason Mercier Wins WSOP Bracelet

Jason Mercier continues his triumph with his sixth...

The World Series of Poker has completed another 2-7 single draw event with a $1,500 buy-in. The winner was American Jason Mercier, who finally seemed to be back in the big poker world.

Jason broke into the high-stakes world in 2008 and amassed millions of dollars in a short period of time. Bonuses and five WSOP bracelet times, as well as being a PokerStars ambassador. After 2017, the poker pro began to reduce his presence at the tables and then stop playing poker entirely – Jason decided to spend more time with his family and children.

But in 2022, Mercier has decided to step into the world of poker and return to poker for adults. The big wins are coming soon: first place in a 10-event tournament for $25,000, a $50,000 final table prize, and dozens more to come.

In 2023, Jason decides to return to the World Series of Poker once again with another win – his sixth gold bracelet in the mixed event. The event attracted 548 entrants with a prize pool of $731,580. Jason finished first for $151,276 – and that’s not even the biggest win of his professional poker career.

This player defeated Mike Watson heads-up, which was interesting – both opponents scored four points each. For three consecutive games, all victories went to Jason. Watson finished third twice and second twice.

“In 2016, we played heads-up in a 2-7 single-draw tournament with a buy-in of $10,000. So it was definitely a deja vu.” You know, when I started When picking the game, I was a little scared that he was finally going to catch up to me. Jason said.

Mercier noticed this too, and despite the longer breaks, he didn’t follow trends in the field and learn new strategies. The American poker pro honed his skills while playing at the tables:

“I’m not really a learner. I just gain experience by playing more hands. It’s like riding a Bikes, you know.” “I just got on the bike,” Jason reported.

Jason Mercier continues his triumph with his sixth...

MPS 007 Series for Mobile Poker Club

MPS 007: Mobile Poker Club's New 'Secret Series'

Mobile Poker Club Introduced the traditional MPS series, which had the “secret” name 007. The festival will run from June 7th to June 21st with a total guarantee of $11,000.

As always, a lot of fun awaits the players: tournaments in various formats, rankings of the most active knockouts and of course free tickets to absolutely all MPS 007 events.

The series includes events in all popular disciplines: No Limit Hold’em, Omaha and Chinese Poker. The variety of formats is also impressive: anonymous tournaments (no nicknames for opponents), accelerated tournaments, progressive knockouts and the ever-popular mystery bounties.

Throughout the program, five events are played simultaneously in a multi-day format: 4 over two days and the Main Event with a $2,500 prize pool over three days. Players can enter and re-enter any day during the first day until after-the-fact registration is complete.

MPS Ladder

The MPS 007 tournament series features a traditional ladder, with the top 20 players sharing an additional $500 prize pool. Points are awarded for each eliminated opponent, regardless of whether the match is single-day or multi-day (eliminations from all start days count). It doesn’t matter if you re-enter. If the contestant reports again, he will still be awarded points for his “head” in the table. Once the series is complete, you will be rewarded.

Mission Tickets

All holiday tournaments have simple missions that can be found in the mobile poker club client lobby. 1 mission – 1 ticket. The task will be posted 24 hours before the registration for the target event begins. For multi-day matches, 1 mission will be given per day. In multi-day tournaments, players can receive more than one ticket. If a participant is already eligible and proceeds to the next day, the registration will be canceled and the participant will receive a cash refund or participate in a similar event.

MPS 007: Mobile Poker Club's New 'Secret Series'

Chris Manimaker on the WSOP

The World Series of Poker has tournaments It has already begun, and tens of thousands of players flock to Las Vegas to compete for the gold bracelet. In honor of the event, 2003 champion Chris Manimaker has released a guide to preparing for such a large event.

Chris’s first point is to have a clear plan for your trip. The success of the WSOP depends largely on this. According to Manimaker, Vegas comes alive 24 hours a day.

“There’s always something going on in Vegas. Those are the pros and cons of the city. If you take every opportunity, you’ll get there.” I ended up sleeping while digging a hole in the river bank caught.

Plans should be made before the plane lands in Sin City. Chris recommends considering not only the tournament lineup but also the activities between events and paying close attention to the rest of the night. In places like Vega In a city like Sri Lanka, discipline can make all the difference in even the smallest things.

While the WSOP has moved to a large casino and hotel complex, Chris recommends staying at nearby venues within walking distance. For example Bellagio, Wynn, or Aria.

Chris also recommends researching restaurants ahead of time and making reservations now. The new casino makes this easier, but players complain that prices are high for even basic burgers and sodas.

“Vegas will tire you,” Chris concluded. The World Series champion has flown in for the main event several years in a row and has been in town for four or five days , but he describes even that long as a real challenge.

“Advice aside from the rest of my time: Listen to your body. These days, when you’re at your best, that can be difficult. If you’re distracted, tired, or often hungover, you could be on the verge of a diagnosis of burnout or worse. “

Currently, Chris is still staying at home and getting along with people. His family. As usual, he will fly to Las Vegas at the end of the month to try to repeat the success of 20 years ago

Poker Hall of Fame Voting Now Open

Another chance for Sheinberg: Poker Hall of Fame v...

No conspiracy during the WSOP. It’s not just about who will be the new champion, but who will be inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. Since 2020, despite protests from players, organizers have decided to add one more poker figure each year, even though that right has been granted to two poker figures for decades. So, getting inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame just got a lot harder.

Applicants must meet several criteria: play big names, contribute to the industry, stand the “test of time” and be over 40 years old.

Voting has begun and will continue until June 18. Anyone can make a suggestion on the WSOP website. From the top 10 nominees, one of the 32 current Poker Hall of Fame members will be selected.

The favorites are the same this year: Josh Arieh, Bertrand Grospellier, Mike Matusow, Norman Chad, Michael Mizrahi, Brian Rast, Matt Savage and Isai Sheinberg are the top odds.

Former PokerStars owner Isai Sheinberg deserves special mention. A few years ago, he returned to the United States and struck a deal that allowed him to stay legally in the country and have a chance at the prestigious nomination. It wasn’t just players who nominated Isaiah – Daniel Negreanu was an active advocate for him and believes he played a particularly important role in the rise of online poker.

Sheinberg may be honored in 2022, but the title was awarded posthumously to Ryan Flack, who died the previous year. As such, Sheinberg has a good chance of being inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame at the 2023 WSOP.

It is worth noting that of this year’s new nominees, only one potential challenger has emerged – Steve O’Dwyer, No. 12 on the all-time money list. Steve’s chances are slim as he’s only been in expensive games recently.

But in a few years, Hall of Famers will be in trouble: many legends, such as Tom Dewan, Scott Seaver, Justin Bonomo, Jason Mercier Jason Koon All will be in their 40s, and each will have a place in the poker hall of fame.

Another chance for Sheinberg: Poker Hall of Fame v...

World Series of Poker News

Braslettes: First WSOP Champion and Jake Schindler...

WSOP Las Vegas Series Had her first game drawing a bonus bracelet at the $500 casino employee event. The third event in the festival’s 50-year history, it attracted 1,015 entrants and totaled $426,300 in prize money. Many have already attributed this number to the fact that the upcoming summer will be a record-breaking one for the WSOP.

Peter Tai from California won the competition. He works as a dealer at a local casino. Heading into the final table, Peter doubled up several opponents with his own chip lead, but then stepped up to claim his first win. His first-place prize is $75,535.

Peter describes himself as an avid poker player, although he doesn’t devote much time to it. It’s worth noting that the new champion is more cash-oriented, which makes his victory all the more meaningful.

“I didn’t expect to win in any way. I was here just for fun, but one thing led to another. It was an unforgettable experience,” Tye commented.

Peter has since returned to California, but has promised to return and play more events.

Meanwhile, the WSOP begins with a selection of Steam Up. Four events are currently underway.

The $25,000 High Roller has reached its final table. Some of the biggest names include Chance Kornuth and Jake Schindler. ban, Jake appears to have escaped the WSOP blacklist and is in contention for his second bracelet.

The Mystery Millions tournament continues to gain momentum. I just finished posting Day 1 and Day 1A and it’s already Attracted over 2,000 players. Everyone had the most important goal – breaking the million dollar bounty.

The $1,500 Dealer’s Picks Tournament attracted 456 players, with dozens of celebrities leaving their tracks. Registration is still open today, so there’s a good chance a few hundred more will sign up.

More than 200 players didn’t play in the Championship Freeroll – 990 726 of the poker players sat at the bracelet tables and ring stands. With 224 players remaining, the final is scheduled for June 4.

Braslettes: First WSOP Champion and Jake Schindler...

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