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Americans spend $511,000,000,000 a year on illegal gambling

US citizens spend $511,000,000,000 a year in illeg...

American citizens are among the most avid gamblers in the world. This is not surprising considering the popularity of the modern form of gambling as we know it today in the United States.

Gambling establishments in the United States generate huge tax revenues for local budgets. So even in the most conservative areas where only lotteries and bingo are legal, people are considering legalizing gambling.

Not bad considering the crisis the local gambling industry is facing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine restrictions. .

So Demand For Illegal Gambling Section Increases And For Those Who Want To Gamble, Gambling Hasn’t Disappeared , not everyone likes to surf the Internet. Additionally, some areas of the United States only allow brick-and-mortar casinos and gaming parlors.

A study conducted by the American Gaming Association found that US citizens spend approximately $511,000,000,000,000 a year at casinos. Illegal spending of dollars in gambling establishments and offshore gambling sites.

The total amount is indeed shocking. As a result, local budgets in various states lost more than $13,000,000,000,000 in tax revenue. Gambling operators themselves lose over $44,000,000,000,000 in revenue annually due to the dishonesty of their peers.

Additionally, illegal gambling accounts for 40% of the entire industry in the country, with over 580,000 illegal slot machines in the US alone. This is amazing considering more and more states are trying to legalize gambling in their state. Interestingly, about half of bettors had previously placed bets on illegal betting sites, but felt that doing so was done on a perfectly legal basis.

US citizens spend $511,000,000,000 a year in illeg...

$7,165,000 Venom PKO Tournament Won by ’10of10′ from Germany

10of10 player from Germany wins $5M GTD in The Ven...

The Venom PKO $5M GTD 6 concludes on the evening of May 3-4, 2023 with a prize pool of $7,165,000. For the first time at the final table there was a top three deal and the winner was “10of10” from Germany for $718,062.

Nearly hit Record

The largest PKO tournament in online poker worldwide is once again held every two years by the Winning Network Spring’s popularity is growing.

The sixth Venom PKO $5 million GTD attracted 2,866 entrants and $7,165,000 in prize money, just $15,000 shy of last year’s record.

Interestingly, several players who previously won The Venom branded events or reached the final table were able to make deep passes in the tournament this time around:

Final Table

The most striking feature of the top 8 One of the highlights of the competition is the complete absence of US citizens and Brazilians. For all inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere, the Canadians have “fighted back”. (New Zealand). Shorty lost a coin to the JJ-AKs after waiting nearly 20 minutes for a good hand to double down.

  • Bohdan “makemeavision” Zubko – $119,597 (Ukraine). Unlike the New Zealander, he increased his stack early in the tournament, but after the break he folded with a TT flush after having already re-raised 13BB, and was left with 1.9 after using BB. 88-A8 in a battle between Barton and the small blind. Despite raising to 10BB, the Ukrainian couldn’t get past seventh, losing again to pocket jacks: QQ-A9.
  • “Berodualn” – $136,038 (Austria). The “peaceful” Austrian had the smallest prize money at the final table, starting with the second pile (125BB), and “sat” quietly at the table for nearly two hours. With 30BBs left, he unsuccessfully bluffed two-thirds of his stack before beating 99 with KQs.
  • “SirCashal0t” – $199,783 (Albania) The top 5 Balkan player decided to play 88 against the chip leader’s password, but after calling, he saw Pocket Ds.
  • “jailbait19” – $247,162 (Canada). The sole representative from North America was flush with the chip leader with 99 in the blinds, but again he had the stronger pair (KK).
  • 10of10 player from Germany wins $5M GTD in The Ven...

    Which rooms have increased rake size in early 2023 and why?

    Poker Rooms and Regulators: Rake Increases in 2023

    In early 2023, three distinct poker sites increased their rake sizes. What are the reasons behind these decisions? What effect might they have on the player? All the details are on our blog.

    During the first three months of 2023, two poker networks and the largest room cryptocurrency game increase rake .

    We could not ignore such incidents and decided to analyze their characteristics, causes and possible consequences.

    Chico Network

    US Network has since taken a higher rate than its initial rate Industry average (5.5%).

    As of March 1, 2023, the Chico Network skin has been raised to 6.25% across all limits, and the cap has been raised to the following numbers:

    In return, the network has changed it’s bonus offering a lot, but it is based on recreational player interest :

    1. Bad Beat Jackpot 2.0 is launched, offering separate jackpots for all limits in Texas Hold’em and Classic PLO.
    2. The prize money for nearly all tournaments (approximately $100,000 per month) is drawn in lottery freerolls, where all players who finish at the top of the promotion get a ticket.


    Cryptocurrency rooms are traditionally characterized by low rake loads. Coin has long had a 4% commission.

    From March 20, 2023 the commission size on CoinPoker will be 5%.

    The cap has been increased to the following number:

    Unlike the US network, CoinPoker is doing this after the player gets a bigger bonus, and this time it’s mainly for the average player:


    The world’s largest poker site has in recent years become the de facto monopoly of the high-stakes game. Here you’ll find just about every famous poker pro and many amateur traders, with limits starting at $25/$50.

    From April 1, 2023, the rake cap has been doubled for all GGPoker skins on VIP tables!

    Compared to the Winning network, for example, the upper limit becomes 16 times. As a result, high-stakes regulars even declared a boycott, many of whom switched to playing under the US Network skin.

    The outcome of this confrontation is unclear, but we have learned to try to draw some conclusions about changes in online poker.

    Looking for profit or balance?

    It is well known that many online poker rooms have been working hard to create better gaming conditions for amateurs and worse conditions for amateurs unwilling to accept new conditions.

    The most convenient way to maintain the poker ecology can be seen as increasing commissions. After all, casual players tend not to pay much attention to this component of poker. But at the cost of additional funds brought in by high commissions, it is possible to offer more attractive promotions.

    Therefore, this trend is especially evident in early 2023 and can be considered a logical further development of modern online poker

    Roma will continue to try to use rakes for such experiments , in order to achieve a new balance in the ever-changing global gaming industry and the economy as a whole.

    Poker Rooms and Regulators: Rake Increases in 2023

    Jaquelin1968 blasts the bounty piggy bank in Monday’s Battle Royale on Winamax

    Jaquelin1968 blasts the bounty piggy bank in Monda...

    Yesterday the Regular Tournament was the focus of Winamax .fres. Over Monday, a total of 23 tournaments with 5-figure prizes were organized in the French region, awarding 501,000 euros Prize.

    The winner of the 3 prize tournaments will receive more than €6,000 in prize money. €11,139 Jaquelin1968 in the battle royale was astonishing, but according to the bounty scoreboard, he must have wiped out the entire field single-handedly.

    Regarding the prize pool, fivetournaments exceed the €30,000 jackpot:

    • Battle Royale (€45,000).
    • After get off work (Euro 35,000).
    • Mystery KO10 ( €30.5,000).
    • Golden Hour (€53,000).
    • High Roller (€38,000).

    Jaquelin1968 blasts the bounty piggy bank in Monda...

    Ramon Kropmann’s fan FT is not a mystery bounty at EPT Barcelona

    Ramon Kropmann's fan FT is not a mystery bounty at...

    It didn’t take long for the Brazilian to find himself in trouble at EPT Barcelona. Ramon Kropmann made the final table of the festival’s first high roller event, the €10,200 Mystery Bounty. He was eliminated in seventh place and was awarded €18,100. These bounties boosted his bankroll by an additional €72,500.

    On the final day, Ramon was the only Brazilian to knock out some opponents, including Toma Tsugunari, in the ITM bubble. According to PokerNews, the Japanese player pushed his eight BBs into the middle of the table after his opponent doubled down. Ramon was the only one who called and revealed A♥K. Toma dominated with 10♥3♥ and couldn’t find any outs on the A♣5♥7♣8♠10♣ board.

    Shortly thereafter, Ramon blew it up with the help of the deck. FT bubble. With A 4 in hand, he called veteran Keith Lehr’s A-8 all-in. The Q 5♠J♣2♥3♠ board was cruel to the American, and he fell by the wayside.

    At 40 BBS, Ramon was well behind Israeli pro CL Tom Orpaz, who advanced to the tiebreaker with 129 BBS, and runner-up Conor Beresford ( 53 BBS). The Israeli picked up two more bounties soon after knocking out short stacks Martin Zamani and Ouassini Mansouri.

    Orpaz’s next victim is Ramon. In the farewell, the Brazilian defended his big hand and announced a 3-bet all-in for 16 BBS. In action again, Orpaz called and showed A 5♠. With K♣J♣, Ramon cannot be saved by the board 8♠A♣8♣10♥3♦.

    Ramon Kropmann's fan FT is not a mystery bounty at...

    Turnout at EPT Barcelona station is falling

    Tax serves purpose: Voter turnout drops sharply at...

    Just before the EPT began, Spanish authorities recognized poker as a sport and taxed it. EU citizens now have to pay 19% and non-citizens 24%. PokerStars announced that these percentages would not be deducted from tournament winnings, leaving many in the poker community with questions about how the new tax regime would work.

    Before the EPT, the Casino de Barcelona hosted a national tournament. Sponsored by the Red Spades, they turned out well and surpassed last year’s mark. That gives hope to the flagship EPT, which will still attract a large audience despite the new rules. However, something went wrong.

    The EUR 10,200 Mystery Bounty Kickoff had only 79 entries and a prize pool of EUR 371,300. Uruguay won the title for the second year in a row – this time it was Matias Duarte who took home the trophy and €192,000 (including prize money).

    By comparison, the 2022 EPT has 91 participants, with Uruguay’s Francisco Benitez taking the title. Even more telling, however, is the one-day event for high rollers.

    Many high rollers will not miss EPT Barcelona. Last year, 50 people signed up for the €25,000 high-roller launch. Only 28 players signed up for the 2023 EPT. As a result, participation in expensive tournaments dropped by more than 40%.

    Only one of our countrymen, Russian Eduard Barseghyan, took part in the €25,000 High Roller. He won heads-up but was unable to beat Brazil’s Felipe Ketzer for second place and €164,700.

    The sample size is too small to call a truly serious loss. But even with two games to go, we can understand the unclear tax situation keeping many players off. Meanwhile, the high rollers have little choice: the Tritons have just played in London and the Omaha event in Rozvadov will start in a few weeks.

    Tax serves purpose: Voter turnout drops sharply at...

    Hustler Casino Live Hosts Epic Sweepstakes

    How HCL Bonuses Became a Source of Controversy amo...

    Hustler Casino Live is once again the provider of great content. A hand there last week not only became one of the most watched in poker, but also sparked a feud between Negreanu and Matusow.

    The price of the hand is $400/. The wager between Daniel Cates and Mariano Grandoli is $800. Dan opened with a $3,600 raise and Mariano three-bet in the bet for $8,500.

    Dan check-called on all subsequent streets. Mariano bet $13,000 on the flop and called. Bet the turn and Mariano still leads. So he bet $40,000 and got called by the Jungleman.

    The river brought Cates a flush, but he checked a third time, hoping to set a trap. Seconds later, it happened – Mariano bet $85,000 and Dan instacalled, bringing the pot to $295,000.

    After the broadcast, the community split into two camps. Some agreed with Mariano’s play, claiming he had a blocker on the natural flush, while others felt it was an overly subtle addition.

    The decisive battle was between Mike Matuso and Daniel Negrianu.

    “How can he bet the river? On this river he only hits! I don’t usually pay attention to the outcome unless he turns his ace into a bluff. This is a Bad bet!” – Mike writes.

    Negreanu disagrees with him. According to KidPoker, he beat , , , , , , and .

    “If he does nothing and Jungle folds most of his hands, then it’s just a bad bet,” Negreanu parried.

    The battle continued and Negreanu made a bet to Matusow that Aces would not check-raise the river on such a board. Negreanu didn’t just want to give his opinion, but wanted to interview five poker pros: Jason Kuhn, Andrew Lichtenberger, Doug Polk, FindingEQ, and Daniel Cates himself.

    So far, their debate has not extended beyond social media. But it’s entirely possible that this giveaway could be the subject of a more serious matchup between the pros.

    How HCL Bonuses Became a Source of Controversy amo...

    Ari Engel Earns His 15th WSOP Circuit Ring

    Maurice Hawkins Postponed Again in WSOP Circuit Ri...

    The disgraced Maurice Hawkins is still at the top of the WSOP Circuit’s Golden Ring leaderboard, still unable to pay his debts.

    American Ari Engel was the culprit for winning three titles in less than a month. He won the last two in 24 hours. Ari now has 15 gold rings in his collection, the same number as Maurice.

    Last year, the title race became more intense. In May, another American poker pro, Josh Reichard, claimed his 14th ring and joined Maurice on the podium.

    Hawkins did not endure the humiliation for long and soon regained the lead to claim his 15th title. Now, three months later, his title is under threat from another poker player.

    Ari Engel is an active participant in the Gration of the WSOP Circuit in California. The first event he won was the H.O.R.S.E. event, where Ali beat 60 entrants to claim his 14th ring. The next day, he won the $400 Pot-Limit Big O, earning him a record title.

    Ari wasn’t just great on the “Ring” series. He has two gold bracelets, one of which he also got in the Mix Games.

    The series will run until August 22, giving Ari the chance to claim another title. Morris is not participating in the current festival. However, losing the lead forced him to step up.

    According to his stats on Hendon Mob, Maurice’s last live tournament was the 2023 WSOP, where he was strong in the Main Event – 35.1st place and $280,100 in prize money.

    This year, organizers of the WSOP series announced a record number of events in the United States and beyond. As a result, Maurice can easily return to the big game and reassert his title as Golden Ring record holder.

    Maurice Hawkins Postponed Again in WSOP Circuit Ri...

    Negreanu and aliens.

    Negreanu and Aliens: Community Discusses Weird Vid...

    The Canadian poker pro has opted for UFOology and has taken to social media to discuss whether life exists beyond our planet. The reason was a strange light appeared in the sky.

    A few days ago, Daniel received a video from his mother-in-law. A spherical object glows in the night sky, which KidPoker dubs an “unidentified alien spaceship”. The poker community then joined the discussion. As it turns out, few believe that Negreanu’s family had contact with an unknown civilization.

    “The presence of lights in the sky does not necessarily mean it is a boat. The video footage could be fake and there could be various terrestrial explanations for the phenomenon,” commented Ian Simpson.

    Despite dozens of plausible explanations, Negreanu rejects drones, satellites, high-altitude weather probes, twinkling stars, and other natural or identifiable phenomena:

    ” I’m not going to jump to conclusions about extraterrestrials. I’m just looking for an explanation for what I’m seeing, and none of the theories proposed so far seem satisfactory,” Negreanu commented.

    There were also subscribers who supported Daniel’s suspicions and retweeted the prank. In particular, the following version is offered:

    • “They came and gave us two years to organize and inform the public for a full engagement.”
    • It is either An alien spacecraft or plane secretly designed by the government.
    • These are government surveillance planes that ensure that ordinary citizens are not involved in suspicious activity.

    For now, Negreanu is standing his ground: he saw the object but couldn’t describe it realistically, and Daniel has previously accused other players of spreading conspiracy theories. Mike Matusow, who led the investigation into the origins of the coronavirus last time, has been criticized.

    Negreanu and Aliens: Community Discusses Weird Vid...

    Jack Poker’s CrackerJack Tournament Series

    Jack Poker's first tournament series

    Jack Poker announces the room’s first tournament series, called CrackerJack. The contest will run from August 14-27 and has a total prize pool of $500,000.

    Absolutely anyone can add their name to the list of Premiere Festival winners! Buy-ins start at $5 and go all the way up to $100, so there’s going to be a lot of activity.

    Like other tournament series, CrackerJack will have its own Main Event, which will take 10% of the total amount taken. The Main Event traditionally takes place near the end of the festival (August 27th) with a $50 buy-in and $50,000 prize pool.

    For some players, $50 can be a large part of the budget. That’s why Jack Poker offers to get tickets almost for free by completing one of two simple tasks: Leaderboard Cap and Elimination.

    The gist is simple: every CrackerJack tournament has a regular “leaderboard”. Promotional “cap”. However, unlike the classic version, players can earn tickets to the main event.

    Knockouts work in a similar way. Whoever knocks out the most players in a festival tournament will get a ticket.

    Given the breadth of the show, room managers plan to give away some tickets and host a major tournament to debut the series. All events can be found under “Tournaments” in the poker lobby.

    Summer Quest Continues

    Jack Poker Quest has received positive feedback from players, so the promotion is being extended. As usual, players will find 29 missions divided into three categories: Tournament, Cash Games and Casino, each divided into three difficulty levels.

    If you complete all Jack Summer tasks, participants will receive up to $20,000 in value. It will not be distributed among all participants. This amount is available to any poker player for completing tasks.

    Jack Poker's first tournament series

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