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WSOP Online Series

What about the bracelet? What tournaments remain o...

The WSOP Online Series continues on PokerOK. The second half is more suited to those used to high-limit games. The $10,000 Omaha Championship kicked off yesterday, and the best heads-up players this weekend will compete in the heads-up tournament for a similar entry fee.

A total of 128 participants can register for the event, which features uninterrupted individual duels until the two-table stage. Already announced players include Viktor Malinovsky, Artur Martirosyan, Kostya Kostya_Jock, Almaz Zhdanov, Nikita Kuznetsov, Vlad Martynenko, Nikita Bodiakovsky, Alexey Boyka, Sergey Chudopal, Arseniy Malinov and even Roman RomeoPro Romanovsky.

The competition will be broadcast live and the winner will be decided on Sunday night.

Monday night was no less exciting: the most expensive event in the GGMillions Super High Roller Championship Series starts with a $25,0000 buy-in. Our players have not yet confirmed their participation.

This week’s favorite tournament:

  • 21. September: Turbo Bounty NLH $525.
  • 24. September: Fifty Stack PLO Prize is $500.

There is no guaranteed prize pool in either event. The final week is mainly the start of the two main events. They are the $10,300 multi-day GGMillions High Roller with a $10,000,000 guarantee, and the $5,000 Main Event with a $25,000,000 prize pool.

Interestingly, both events require very little investment to participate. For example, GGMillions satellites start at $10. Meanwhile, you can enter the Main Event for free through numerous freerolls or low-cost qualifiers starting at $1.

Next week is the final week of the PokerOK WSOP Online Series. Better not to waste any time and get to the most important competition of the festival.

What about the bracelet? What tournaments remain o...

This is how Elite Perks reward you at ACR Poker

This is how Elite Perks reward you at ACR Poker

With elite benefits, ACR Poker has found the ideal way to reward its most loyal users. It will continue in the same way through 2023 so everyone can continue to enjoy its benefits.

This reward system is considered one of the most profitable in the poker ecosystem because of the many benefits to those who play the most. The theme chosen by ACR is like a military competition, and the clothing is about the front line. All players start at the rank of Lieutenant and progress through the ranks by achieving certain goals until they earn the nickname 5th – Star – Average, with the highest retribution.

The problem is as follows: Lieutenants start adding 1 rating point for each combat point. Since they are the lowest tier, their only benefit is the ability to redeem points for cash. However, once they accumulate 750 RP, they advance to the next rank.

Other ranks are Captain, Major, Colonel, General and Five-Star General. The higher your level, the bigger the rewards and bonuses. Benefits include cash bonuses, exclusive freerolls, the chance to get higher multipliers for easier rankings, and other great promotions and contests for every level.

This is how Elite Perks reward you at ACR Poker

Defining WSOP Online Poker Opening Gladiators

Defining WSOP Online Poker Opening Gladiators

GGPoker’s WSOP Online is a big deal this time of year. By October 2nd, there will be 33 bracelets up for grabs, with all players around the world competing to win one.

The upcoming tournament to feature its jewels is Poker Opener’s Event #2 Gladiator, which will give away $2.6 million in prize money in addition to the bracelet.

Among the nine finalists are Latinos named Vinicius Felipe and Rodrigo Valente, who are still in contention despite being outnumbered bracelet and $234,707. The FT leader is Tyler Rosenlund with 102.6 BB in chips

Defining WSOP Online Poker Opening Gladiators

Triton Poker co-founder wins short deck tournament

Triton Poker co-founder wins short deck tournament

Triton Poker’s Short Deck event attracted 38 participants and a prize pool of $950,000. Just under a million dollars, but that didn’t stop Richard Yong. The series co-founder not only competed in the event, he became a champion.

“I know everyone loves the Triton Championship Series because we are all so friendly and like family. That’s what I would do. “If Triton becomes the best championship series in the world, I will It’s a pleasure,” said Yong.

This is the Malaysian’s second Triton win in history. He can confidently be described as a regular in short deck – his favorite event. 15th Participants at the final table of this event included strong players such as Mike Watson, Nikita Bodiakovsky, Stephen Chidwick and Chris Brewer.

Chris was the last one to try to resist Richard. Gradually, everyone Some of the chips were transferred to Yong’s stack until he had a 10 to 1 chip advantage. Brewer had pocket jacks, which seemed like a good starting hand to double down on. The American went all-in, and Richard Called with A-7. An A came on the flop and Brewer did not wait for a J on the turn or river. At this point, the Short Deck event is over.

Triton Poker co-founder wins short deck tournament

Who sells shares at the WSOP?

Who sold the most stocks at the WSOP?

Selling WSOP Stake for Many Players For now, tournaments have become commonplace. Some offer to buy promotional shares to make up the difference, others just to please their fans.

On the PokerStake portal, anyone can sell shares. We decided to investigate who are the most popular and who are having trouble finding shareholders.

Alex Foxen made just two bids: 5% each for the Super High Roller $250,000 event at odds of 1 and 10. The shares were sold out within hours. In a similar event, Action and his wife Kristen Foxen sold a 15% stake at odds of 1.03. Players have less trust in them – just over 5% of players have sold out so far.

Chance Cornuth and Alex Livingston are also popular. Soon, Chance sold out on 7 tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $25,000 to $250,000, and Alex managed to sell out on 9 events.

The audience also has confidence in last year’s World Series champion. Espen Jorstad only managed to complete the move in four events. Only a fraction of the $250,000 Super High Roller prize remains.

Sometimes you don’t need to be MTT-savvy to get financing. Being well-known in society is enough. Owner of legendary player Robbie Liew is a perfect example. Her tournament winnings rarely exceed $90,000, but that doesn’t stop her from selling 25 to 30 percent of her winnings on events worth $3,000 to $10,000.

Daniel Cates is determined to remain a champion among poker players this year, winning the title for the second year in a row. To please his fans, he placed a token 5% bet at odds of 1.30 on his first entry – all dealt within minutes.

Four-time WSOP bracelet winner Mike Matusow has a busy schedule for the upcoming series. He alone has 69 listings for sale, ranging from 10% to 50%, mostly in budget campaigns under $3,000. You can purchase actions every time you enter a tournament. Although Mike hasn’t been particularly happy with the results recently, he has managed to sell half of his packages.

Who sold the most stocks at the WSOP?

Exclusive Interview with iPoker Network Manager Mikhail Bedulskis

Exclusive Interview with iPoker Network Tournament...

The iPoker Network has recently added a new Tournament and Promotions Manager to its team. You can read about how Mikhail Bedulskis hopes to improve the web in these areas in our interview.

Interviewer: Any updates to the rotation planned? Will SnG tournaments with no traffic be removed from the lobby?

MB: We are constantly monitoring the liquidity of games on the network. There are currently no plans to remove any existing SnGs.

There will certainly not be a Twister update this year, but I can assure players that we are paying close attention to the format and don’t deny the possibility

Interviewer: In 2020, iPoker CEO Jörg Nottebaum told us that he “doesn’t think investing in big tournament series will pay off. However, the network recently hosted a record-breaking €2.5 million guaranteed event. The Will the network take a new approach to tournament series in the next few years?

MB:The poker industry is constantly changing and the sentiment and There has been a noticeable shift in interest.

2021 will be a record year for our MTT event and we intend to accelerate its pace going forward.

Interviewer: Can you tell me when the next championship series is? Can we once again count on record-setting guarantees?

MB: The Bounty Hunter Series has just been announced, with a prize pool of €1,500,000, it will be the largest knockout series ever held on our network . This shows that we will increase investment in event festivals and strive to improve event festivals. It won’t be the last event of this scale this year.

Interviewer: The iPoker network has grown significantly over the past few years (in fact, we have grown). Pointing out that cash game traffic has doubled in the past two years). However, for tournament players, there are only low to mid BI events here. Will the site host high roller tournaments in the near future?

MB: We would love to see high limit players at our tables, but we are currently still in the process of building a tournament grid. Wide range of amateurs.

The introduction of high rollers will only be possible if the cheaper events achieve proper awareness.

Interviewer: How did the Sunday sale turn out?

MB: Generally satisfied with the action. The number of players participating in discounted fee tournaments has increased significantly. This climb was a good training session for our team. This is the first time we’ve paid so much attention to Sunday’s game.

In any case, we would love to offer our players more weekend promotions in the future.

Interviewer: Will the network introduce a new tournament format (MTT or SnG) in the future?

MB:We have a great development team working on several interesting projects, some of which may come to fruition later this year. We can’t share any details yet. Keep an eye out for news!

Exclusive Interview with iPoker Network Tournament...

Simon “C.Darwin2” Matsson Wins WSOP Online 2022 Main Event


On the evening of September 27-28, 2022, the third place winner of the WSOP Online Series Main Event will be revealed. Swedish pro Simon “C.Darwin2” Matsson took first place in the biggest online event of the year, taking home a bracelet and $2,793,575. Scandinavian Strongest

The third global online format of the World Series of Poker is history. The tournament traditionally ends with a 33-bracelet Main Event. Main Event winner is European poker player again:

Swede Simon “C.Darwin2” Erik Matsson finished first in the WSOP Online 2022 Main Event for $2,793,575 in addition to his bracelet.

Although this year’s Main Event is far from the record numbers of two years ago, it is still more popular than a similar tournament in 2021: it has no stacked events, attracts 4,984 entrants, prize money For $23,674,000-dollar prize money.

Of the Russian-speaking players this time, the best player from Moldova – Pavel “EzzzGame” Pleshuv (18th, $104,959) – achieved the highest ascent.

We would like to remind you that this year’s WSOP Main Event in Vegas was won by another Scandinavian – Norwegian Espen Jorstad.

Final Table

In the top nine of the tournament, four players didn’t have much success, but the top two chip stacks came from well-known Scandinavian players. As a result, the final table players were eliminated as follows:

Timothy “BeardOilGuy” Rutherford (No. 9, $279,358). The Canadian got off to a short start and waited a long time for a good hand to double down, but eventually ran to 4BB with AQ singles and lost to Chinese player Zhao Feng’s KK.

Oliver “SprasesAces Spreason (8th, $372,530). The British representative opted for a similar strategy due to short stacks. His AK even hit preflop A King, but lost the pot when the TT player from Thailand got three sets on the same straight.

Jordan “Felix Argyle” Spurlin (No. 7) at $496,774). The US-based offline player, who immigrated to Canada during the series, lost heads-up with A7 to A9 in the blinds.

Yanfei “aoteman1888 ” Chi (6th place, $662,460). If one of the two Chinese at this table doesn’t first lose to his compatriot on an aggressive QQ-JJ flop, then Q9 against A7, give away the rest of his stack, he might do better.

Istvan “Wohoooooooooooooooooooooo” Brisky (5th, $883,404). Top 5 Hungarian Poker Players Thinking K8 over J was the right hand to deal with the early opening, “all-in” his 4BBs, but the Chinese player didn’t lose with pocket Aces.

Samuel “€urop€an” Woosden (p. 4th for $1,178,041). The famous Norwegian left the table on the very next hand. At this point he was down to 15BB in his second stack. The all-in pocket six was in All chance of winning was lost on the flop when his opponent hit a flush with AJ.

Feng “dynastyzhao” Zhu (No. 3, $1,570,945). The Chinese player doubled up in the top three, but first he lost the Swede’s pot against Riverte 3-betting, and then J9 against A3 gave him the final 5BB.


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