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Tame the beast and win amazing weekly prizes

Tame the beast and win amazing weekly prizes

This is not just a promotion, it’s like a friend lending you money and you don’t have to pay it back. The Beast of ACR Poker is precisely the ability to reward users for playing the game. To attend this week’s games, you don’t need to register or have a special ticket. The only thing you have to do is play. Really? Yes, that’s it…

Even live table trading doesn’t matter, Championship, sit & leave or whatever. By participating in the room’s tables, you have collected points that count toward weekly tables. Top players will receive cash prizes. It’s that simple.

From Saturday at 12:00 PM ET to Friday at 11:59 PM ET* all users can play their favorite games Earn table units.

The payout structure for cash contests is calculated based on the size of the prize pool. As the prize pool increases, so does the number of paid seats.

There are four payout levels in The Beast:

Level 1: US$500

Level 2: US$250

Level 3: US$125

Level 4: US$50

For every $3,500 in The Beast cash prize pool, the prize pool is added:

One level 1

Two from level 2

Five from level 3

Twenty from level 4

Replenish the next race with $875….

Residual funds (between multiples of $3,500) as The Beast grows are applied to the top tier 2, 3 and 4 spots, while maintaining the respective caps.

The Beast and the weekly tournament race

The Beast is all about rewarding more poker players. That’s why each weekly competition also includes a separate component that awards seats to satellite tournaments to major tournaments such as the WSOP Main Event, Million Dollar Sunday, Venom and other events. As the prize pool gets larger, it will award more seats to more players at the end of each weekly race.

Race winners play in their satellite tournament two Sundays after their weekly race ends and are automatically registered.

This is what The Beast payouts would look like in a traditional week:




1ST – 5TH



Million Dollar Sunday Satellite entry, 15 seat GTD



Million Dollar Sunday Satellite Ticket, 15 GTD seats

7TH – 15TH


Million Dollar Sunday Satellite entry, 15 GTD seats



Million Dollar Sunday Satellite entry, 15 GTD seats

17TH – 40TH


Million Dollar Sunday Satellite Ticket, 15 seats GTD



Million Dollar Sunday Satellite ticket, 15 GTD seats

42ND – 140TH


Million Dollar Sunday Satellite Ticket, 15 seats GTD



Million Dollar Sunday Satellite ticket, 15 GTD seats

142ND – 237TH


Million Dollar Sunday Satellite Ticket, 15 seats GTD

*Control local time

Tame the beast and win amazing weekly prizes

EPT champion Jordan Sarkozy suspected of robbery

EPT champion Jordan Sarkozy suspected of robbery

Jordan Saccucci shot to fame after finishing first in the 2022 European Poker Tour (EPT) Prague Main Event, winning nearly $1 million, the only event of his career A $962,126 bonus, as far as the field is concerned – and even then, the earnings don’t reach $1.5 million. Now, the subject that has brought him back to the media is something entirely different: The Canadian was one of four suspects identified by Ontario provincial police in a wave of burglaries that spanned more than 30 homes.

Local reports say Sarkozy and three others, Marcel Blackburn, Dumac Lin Cy and Paul Nkrumah had already broken into several houses, sometimes during the day, wearing a surgical mask and turban, and were wanted by the police. When confronted, the alleged perpetrators apparently stated that they entered the homes for construction or landscaping purposes.

Police searched the suspect’s home on November 21 and found a “large amount” of stolen items. Investigators believe the suspects knew they were wanted in connection with the crime.

Sarcucci and others named reportedly parked a black Chevrolet Tahoe RST in the driveway of one of the victims before approaching the victim’s house

Public Be warned to report any suspicious activity to the police and not to approach suspects as they should be considered dangerous. The burglaries occurred in the Ontario cities of Halton, Peel, York, York, Caledon and Hamilton, mostly in large communities in the Toronto area. Poker and Saccucci

The Canadian won the heads-up title at the EPT Prague Main Event in December 2022, defeating pro Antoine Saout. According to The Hendon Mob, he has $1,366,000 in live tournament winnings since 2016. The player also has two major successes in World Poker Tour (WPT) events, including a ninth-place finish at the 2016 WPT Fallsview Poker Classic for $27,856.

EPT champion Jordan Sarkozy suspected of robbery

BSOP Millions: Matías Scaffo Completes Main Event

Matías Scaffo pulls off a beautiful heads-up remat...

Six days, 3,220 registrants and lots of poker. It’s the 2023 BSOP Millions Main Event, which is back in the hands of a foreign player after five seasons. On Wednesday (29th), Uruguayan Matías Scaffo wrote his name in the history of the Brazilian Championship and became a millionaire with his podium finish.

Known as “dalemati24” on the PokerStars table and “Pibeschorros” on GGPoker, the Uruguayan player showed great poker skills and overcame a long marathon to reach the final The goal. The reward is up to 1,320,000 R$ from a heads-up deal with Brazilian Everton Lucio.

This player had an exciting one-on-one match against Brazil. Flow Poker Team Schleifer, with the chip lead at the start of the decider. Everton Lucio of Jundiaí-SP deserves all the praise for his performance in the tournament, which earned him a million dollar prize of R$1,080,000

. “The truth is” it was tiring for many days in a row and I’m glad he had an off day to achieve glory. I’m very focused and there’s nothing better than having fun with friends. I’m happy to be “playing here,” the champion said.

The break he mentioned occurred on Tuesday, when the nine finalists were able to rest. Mathias used this time well and was well prepared for this big decision. Knowing the capabilities of the opponent in front of him, he used his experience to get a good price jump:

“Yes, in this regard, I took the opportunity to study the opponent and came to the chip stack” I know the chip leader ( Everton) are very aggressive. I played with him for a long time. I had to wait a long time to avoid the stress and confrontation with him. I put pressure on the middle stack and everything went smoothly. “With incredible hands, the knockout happened very quickly and soon we were in the trophy room,” he explained.

The new ‘millionaire’ is already thinking taking the next step and hoping to capture this special moment with his victory. in this great game. Matías will compete in the Enjoy Poker Tour Millionaires Final next week in Punta del Este and has been confirmed for the KSOP GGPoker South America in January 2024.

Final Table:

Wednesday saw players return to the final set in search of victory, and as mentioned, Everton Lucio is the chip leader By. Decision making game. He got off to a great start, eliminating Iago Leonelli in a wild QQ vs KK fiasco, further boosting the streamer’s stack.

The elimination order includes No. 8 Marcelo Medeiros. Carioca couldn’t resist and lost the last two big blinds to Danilo Rony, A4 against 82 on 57783. Then Gerardo Rodriguez, “g3r4rd0x”, went all-in preflop with AK against Everton’s Lucio’s KK board TQ28K, finishing seventh.

Everton were unstoppable, while Scarfo barely held on to their chips. Flow Grinder eliminated ace Alisson Piekazewicz “heyalisson” in 6th place in AT vs QJ on the K4858 board. Matias made his debut, defeating Danilo Rony with K2 vs. K8 at 429AQ.

The game got tighter from that point on and the 4-man match took a long time. However, the pressure from Everton was too much, and Rafael Guedes ran out of chips and was forced to go all-in on J6. The problem was that Leandro Prinz woke up with 99 in the big blind and eliminated his opponent in fourth place. Scarfo and Everton then entered a decisive one-on-one.


Matthias and Everton started the final one-on-one in different positions. The Brazilian had 124 big blinds to the Uruguayan’s 35 and began to build a 6-1 lead in the stack. However, Mathias’ reaction began with a QJ all-in preflop against Everton 88.

When the card read 47A3, with knife and cheese in hand, it was all the Brazilian could do to avoid the river. Despite the large crowd, it was Uruguay who screamed the loudest when a Queen appeared in the middle of the table, and Scarfo faced defeat

It wasn’t long before Matias finally took the lead when he flopped Won a huge pot with a flush against Everton’s top pair. From that point on, the Uruguayan never looked back and controlled the match throughout the heads-up contest.

The Uruguayan was excited, calling with T8 and hearing his fans screaming for his hand. One of them came on the K86 flop, getting closer to the title. Excitingly, however, Turn 7 saw the Brazilian out twice. However, it turned out that Scaffo was the big winner after the river card 4 came on the table and walked towards the rabid Uruguayan fans who were chanting “Dale Campeón, Dale Campeón!”.

Look at the prize pool:

1. Place – Matías Scaffo – R$1,320,000*

Second place. Venue – Everton Lucio – R$1,080,000*

Third Place. Place – Leandro Prinz – R $570,000

Fourth place. Place – Rafael Guedes – R$450,000

5. Place – Danilo Rony – R$380,000

Sixth place. Place – Alisson Piekazewicz – R$305,000

Matías Scaffo pulls off a beautiful heads-up remat...

Энрике Старлинг финишировал вторым на 7-м турнире WCOOP

Энрике Старлинг финишировал вторым на 7-м турнире...

Сборная Бразилии продолжает показывать отличные результаты в онлайн-серии. В турнире 7-M: воскресный холдем по безлимитному холдему с бай-ином $55 Энрике Старлинг выбыл в хедз-апе. Владелец аккаунта HenriquinAK получил в общей сложности 16 648 долларов США. В турнире приняли участие 4338 игроков. На GGPoker он выиграл еще одну серебряную медаль в воскресной большой игре WSOP Online с бай-ином $215 Bounty Hunters, забрав домой еще $27,877.

Как обычно бывает в воскресенье, Эмануэль “brazil5card” Малуф с бай-ином в $109 обыграл 881 игрока в своем банкролле. Увеличение составило $14,694.

Далтон Хобольд занял пятое место в воскресном турнире хайроллеров WCOOP с бай-ином $1050, заработав $13968.

В событии 7-H: воскресный кулдаун по безлимитному холдему с бай-ином $530 Фабиано Ковальски сыграл 4 руки и заработал $12,557.

Гильерме «Anao19» Шрайбер, в свою очередь, получил $10,100, заняв первое место в турнире Bounty Builder и забрав домой $44.

Энрике Старлинг финишировал вторым на 7-м турнире...

Stu Ungar and the genius 25 years after his death

Stu Ungar and the genius 25 years after his death

Today, the poker world commemorated a great event. November 22 marks the 25th anniversary of the untimely death of Stu Ungar, considered by many to be the greatest player in the history of this exciting card game.

From childhood, Ungar proved to be a prodigy in handling cards, which marked the beginning of his career as a poker icon in the world. But on November 23, 1998, 45-year-old Stu was found dead at the Oasis Motel in Las Vegas, leaving a mark that will be hard to surpass.

A Memorable Career That Ended in Bankruptcy

During his career, Stu Ungar accumulated significant winnings and earned a total of$3,675,231in live tournaments. He finished in the top ten at the tournament. The World Poker Championship has lasted for twenty years. Even after his death, his legacy continues as he remains one of the top scorers. His cash game and casino gambling winnings were supposedly worth more than $30 million, but paradoxically Ungar died bankruptStu Ungar and His Legacy Stu Ungar’s contribution to poker is undeniable and his influence continues to resonate throughout the gaming community. Known as “The Kid” for his youthful appearance, Ungar grew up causing chaos at poker tables and casino games. His card-handling skills turned a game of chance into a display of proficiency.

Stu Ungar wins his third WSOP Main Event title.

Stu Ungar’s Whaling Secrets in Las Vegas

Dewey Tomko, one of Sin City’s poker pioneers, reveals one of the poker legend’s biggest secrets.

“Stu Ungar had this idea to pay some of the people who worked at the airport, especially those who worked on private flights. Not many people owned private planes at the time. When the famous whale flew on a private When the flight landed in Las Vegas, Stu Ungar’s spotters contacted him by phone or, at any rate, sent him a message. In addition to notifying Ungar of the landing, they also told him where to start, where the plane would be, and where to start. on time and how many time zones these wealthy amateurs spanned.”

“Most of them are in-between businessmen who can enjoy a few hours at the poker table while traveling for business of free time. Often after spending several hours flying and crossing multiple time zones. In short, they are ideal victims for sharks like us, especially sharks like Stu Ungar. When When they learned of his arrival, they went to the table where these gentlemen had sat. I’ll let you imagine how much money he made in this way.”

Stu Ungar learned NLH the night before winning the main event.

His daughter Stefanie Ungar has revealed the shocking fact that the 1980 WSOP Main Event was his first ever NLH tournament.

She learned well, as after defeating then-legend Doyle Brunson to win the Main Event twice (1976), she managed to outlast 72 players to win $365,000 Bonus-77).

Stefanie Ungar Campbell made the following statement in response to a message on social media.

“Fact: Did you know… ? In only his second live tournament, Stu Ungar won the 1980 WSOP Main Event for $365,000.

Stu Ungar and the genius 25 years after his death

Lucas Rigos to take on Argentinian at HU to win LAPT Main Event and win R$720,000

Lucas Rigos to take on Argentinian at HU to win LA...

With less than 24 hours until another Americas Super Classic, Brazil and Argentina decide the winner of the final LAPT Main Event of 2023. The showdown between Luís Rigos from Paraná and Andrés Read from Argentina had everything a rivalry needs: ecstatic fans, excitement conclusion and green and yellow party. The 4Bet team sprinted to an unprecedented victory after overcoming a nearly 6-1 deficit. The winner received R$792,000 in one transaction, while the runner-up added R$648,000 to their balance.

Lucas entered the final day as the leader and had no problem confirming his presence in the decider. He was just a few big blinds shy of CL Kim de Sousa to regain the lead. The player from São José dos Pinhais has always had an excellent stack, with a stack of 13,450,000 at the 7-hand stage and a reading of 2,355,000.

In order to catch Lucas, the German had to overcome Yuri Rodrigues ‘ A ❖K❖ with a 9♠ 9 flip to retain the title. The two then killed several more opponents until they were tied.

Reed successfully reversed the situation, and just as he was heading towards victory, his reaction surprised Lucas. Since the two were effectively a draw, the heads-up decision was as follows:

The blinds were 300,000/600,000, BB ante, Read min-raise, then four bets pushed to 19,800.000 announced. Lucas decided to call with fewer chips and showed 6♠6♦. Read is controlled by A 10 ♠ and cannot be saved by 3 ♠ 8 ♣ 7 ♦ Q ♥ J ♥ cards. With only 2 BBS remaining, Read was given some breathing room on the next hand, but his reaction was short-lived. Another all-in preflop, he lost with A 8 ♦ against 10 6 ♠ when the dealer showed 6♣2♠9♠A♥5♦.

With a total of 771 entrants, the Main Event, held at the BSOP Millions Hall in São Paulo, topped the guaranteed prize pool of R$1.5 million, raising R$4,736,360.

1. Lucas Rigos (Brazil) R$ 792,000*

2. Andrés Reed (Argentina) BRL 648,000*

3. Kim de Sousa (Brazil) BRL 385,600

4. Naresh Trivied (Brazil) R$ 291,750

5. Yuri Rodriguez (Brazil) 231,150 BRL

6. Bruno Borges (Brazil) 174,770 reals

7. Kevin Augusto (Brazil) 125,520 reals

8. Oscar Alache (Chile) R$85,750

9. Zeca Gelaite (Brazil) R$ 67,750

*Price determined by heads-up

Lucas Rigos to take on Argentinian at HU to win LA...

Luca Romano bought a $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR for PS

Luca Romano wins $55 mini bounty in PokerStars Bra...

PokerStars action continues at a good pace with the regular tournaments offered on the site. The main highlight of this Tuesday’s session (05) was Luca Romano, who managed to get a high score.

In the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR, out of a total of 2,730 entrants, “lucaromanoo1” from the Samba Poker Team defeated Michel Antunes “michel” from the Insight Poker Team in heads-up play. -mica-” to become the grand champion. As a reward for the win, Luca Romano added $14,232 to his points tally, while the runner-up received $9,666. Read more: Kelvin Kerber takes silver spade to become second in EPT Barcelona

In traditional Bounty Builder US$ 33 competition , with 1,718 entrants, the Brazilian team put on a show, “drolator710” Alan Helfenstein, who was the overall winner of the event. His victory earned him$6,755.

Finally, Brazil became the owner of the “Mrpecoo” in the $109 Bounty Builder Contest, which saw 331 participants. Well Represented” account. The player won gold and received a championship bonus of $5,816.

Luca Romano wins $55 mini bounty in PokerStars Bra...

One year after famous J4 hand, Adelstein continues to accuse Robbie of fraud

One year after famous J4 hand, Adelstein continues...

Last week, Garrett Adelstein posted a tweet reiterating his accusations that he was cheated in the famous J4o poker game that took place a year ago. The high-stakes pro hasn’t appeared at Hustler Casino Live since that day, clearly still angry about what happened and trying to silence me with weak complaints. These scammers had sex with the wrong people. This isn’t going away, I promise. Stay tuned,” Garrett said. Remember the Hand: A year after the crime, much has been said, but no concrete evidence has been found that anything unusual happened. It’s fair to say Says Robbie-Jade Lue gained more supporters than Adelstein did during this period, but Adelstein remained adamant and his tweets suggested there was more drama to come. From that day on Lu and Adelstein haven’t appeared on Hustler Casino Live since. Nick Vertucci, co-founder of Hustler Casino Live, didn’t seem too happy to hear more people cry over the story. He told Adelstein Delstein felt deeply insulted by his tweet. Vitucci no doubt believes the show did its best in the investigation and found no evidence of fraud. “Mom, he did it again…” As we said a year ago you said ” The evidence will come out” and if you do provide real evidence we will support you and the cause of justice 100%. We are here to help. Until then please stop blaming Hustler Casino Live and others and shut up . Robbie herself seemed to be taking a dig at Adelstein: “Happy birthday,” she said with an emoji. Judging from Garrett Adelstein’s comments, he’s not ready to let go yet. But after all this time, it’s still… Could anything be fishy?

One year after famous J4 hand, Adelstein continues...

2023 WSOP Top Aces

2023 WSOP Top Aces

In the old days of high-stakes gaming at various online and live poker rooms, players would soon be all-in with a pair of aces. The best starting hands in NLH today are more conservative. Well, these are different times and GTO seems to be in the driver’s seat, but there is still some grit and confidence that comes from pushing all-in pre-flop with aces.

This does not mean that the best opening hands always have a happy ending, rather, on this occasion we offer a compilation of one of the worst things that could happen to a player One: Cracked A.

A, one of the most painful cards to lose.

Who doesn’t know that? hurt? Surely most of you reading this have suffered from this tragedy. But just as much as we don’t like it, we like to see it happen to other players.

The probability of holding a pair of aces is 2.1%, and the probability that you like the following collection is 99% We see outstanding people Feel the pain of failure at the famous American Airlines.

2023 WSOP Top Aces

Cyprus to host EPT for first time in October

Cyprus to host EPT for first time in October

As the first edition of the European Poker Tour (EPT) kicks off, the incredible Mediterranean island of Cyprus looks set to become the continent’s preeminent A heavenly destination.

This historic debut is the penultimate event of the year organized by PokerStars. The overall plan is for 12 days of action-packed action at the poker tables, starting on the 11th. Until October 22at Merit Royal Diamond Hotel Casino & Spa.

A total of 59 events will be heldHigh roller prizes ranging from $250 to $50,000. In addition, there will be several live and online satellite tournaments to suit all player budgets.

As always, the crown jewel of this EPT Cyprus will be the Main Event, with a buy-in of $5,300 ,from 16. As of October 22, there were only two departing flights. It is worth remembering that the current champion is the Frenchman Simon Wiciak, who scored 1 134,375 at the EPT Barcelona in early September Earned a trophy.

Numerous events to complete the calendar include Mystery Bounty, Seniors +50, Estrellas Poker Tour, Women and EPT Super High Roller Derby $50,000 and more.

As soon as the festival is over, the tour begins. You can play at the EPT Prague, which will be held in December at the famous Kings Casino Prague.

Cyprus to host EPT for first time in October

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