Ari Engel Earns His 15th WSOP Circuit Ring

Maurice Hawkins Postponed Again in WSOP Circuit Ri...

The disgraced Maurice Hawkins is still at the top of the WSOP Circuit’s Golden Ring leaderboard, still unable to pay his debts.

American Ari Engel was the culprit for winning three titles in less than a month. He won the last two in 24 hours. Ari now has 15 gold rings in his collection, the same number as Maurice.

Last year, the title race became more intense. In May, another American poker pro, Josh Reichard, claimed his 14th ring and joined Maurice on the podium.

Hawkins did not endure the humiliation for long and soon regained the lead to claim his 15th title. Now, three months later, his title is under threat from another poker player.

Ari Engel is an active participant in the Gration of the WSOP Circuit in California. The first event he won was the H.O.R.S.E. event, where Ali beat 60 entrants to claim his 14th ring. The next day, he won the $400 Pot-Limit Big O, earning him a record title.

Ari wasn’t just great on the “Ring” series. He has two gold bracelets, one of which he also got in the Mix Games.

The series will run until August 22, giving Ari the chance to claim another title. Morris is not participating in the current festival. However, losing the lead forced him to step up.

According to his stats on Hendon Mob, Maurice’s last live tournament was the 2023 WSOP, where he was strong in the Main Event – 35.1st place and $280,100 in prize money.

This year, organizers of the WSOP series announced a record number of events in the United States and beyond. As a result, Maurice can easily return to the big game and reassert his title as Golden Ring record holder.

Maurice Hawkins Postponed Again in WSOP Circuit Ri...


  • This text provides an update on the rankings and achievements of poker players in the WSOP Circuits Golden Ring leaderboard, highlighting Maurice Hawkins and Ari Engel. It mentions their number of titles and their recent successes, suggesting that Maurice may regain his title as the Golden Ring record holder in the future.

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